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Troop Zero

Viola Davis, Mckenna Grace, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Epps, Charlie Shotwell, Allison Janney
Johnny Cash
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Young Christmas Flint, referring to her father Ramsey Flint, "Since Mama died, he's been losing everything." (0:04)

Miss Rayleen: "I worry about you, Christmas." (0:08)

Christmas: "I want you to tell Joseph it gets better for people like us, for the ones with no mames, and the girl boys, and the falsely accused bed-wetters..." (0:10)

Piper Keller tells Christmas, "Go run into trees, bed-wetter."
Christmas: ”I'm not a bed-wetter.” (0:14)

Piper Tales Christmas, "Heads up, bed-wetter." (0:21)

Christmas’ father Ramsey answers her, "Johnny Cash?" (0:24)

Christmas tells Hell-No-Price, "... It's not true that I wet the bed, but if I did, maybe, whenever I get emotional or nervous, and maybe that's when I pee on stuff."
Hell-No-Price: ”I used to wet the bed.”
”There's a maniac.” (0:53)

Ramsey tells Dwayne, "You know you're drunk again."
”You're drunk.”
Rayleen: ” Yep, he drunk as all hell.”
Ramsey tells Rayleen, ”You drunk.” (1:06)

Anne-Claire tells Joseph, "I get nervous in front of strangers." (1:16)

Christmas tells the audience, "Sometimes I pee myself when I get nervous." (1:21)

Christmas tells Ramsey, "I miss Mama... I miss her." (1:27)