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Trumbo (2015)

Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, Louis C.K., Elle Fanning, John Goodman, Michael Stuhlbarg
Ernest Hemingway | Ronald Reagan | amphetamine | Benzedrine
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Movie posters: “A Guy Named Joe
Tender Comrade” (0:02)

Columnist Hedda Hopper: “Here we see actor Edward G. Robinson, star of Double Indemnity.” (0:06)

Actor Eddie: “Hunter, tell your friend to dial down the paranoia and have drink.”
Filmmaker Hunter: “I don’t think he’s being paranoid enough.”
Screenwriter Trumbo: “If you think this is about the movies, you’re an idiot...”
Eddie: “Are you out of your mind?” (0:09)

Newsreel footage of Ronald Reagan testifying before Congress. (0:17)

Trumbo testifies before Congress: “Many questions can be answered yes or no only by a moron or a slave.” (0:21)

Trumbo answers his wife Cleo’s question: “At their lawyers, or psychiatrists.” (0:27)

Actor Gregory Peck on radio: “A state of near hysteria over so-called Communists in this country threatens the freedom of other citizens.” (0:29)

Filmmaker Ross tells Trumbo, “And you, you crazy son of a bitch, you’re gonna write all my movies...”
Poster: “Son of Lassie” (0:31)

Trumbo reads the new title of his screenplay: “Roman Holiday” (0:35)

Trumbo tells Cleo, “We sold Roman Holiday.” (0:36)

Poster: “Bad Men of Tombstone” (0:53)

Theater marquis: “Roman Holiday” (0:57)

Trumbo reaches for a bottle labeled “Benzedrine Tablets; Amphetamine” (1:03)

His screenwriter friend Hird tells Trumbo, “... and I know Ernest Hemingway.” (1:04)

Actor Kirk Douglas on television: “And the Oscar goes to Roman Holiday...” (1:07)

Hird tells Trumbo, “... so you can get more money that you burn through writing shit for idiots.”
Trumbo, now alone: “... idiot.” (1:11)

Trumbo swallows another Benzedrine. (1:12)

Trumbo learns that Hird has died. He attends the funeral service. (1:17)

Ross tells Hopper and Trumbo, “It’s crazy.” (1:22)

Trumbo tells his daughter Nikola anymore he will “... just rage at anyone who gets in my way.”
Nikola: “It’s crazy how mad you make me.” (1:29)

A man threatens King with “Me, Ronald Reagan...” (1:30)

Trumbo hands King his screenplay for “The Brave One.” (1:31)

Trumbo tells Cleo, “The Brave One has been nominated for an Academy Award.”
Cleo: “That’s crazy.”
The Trumbos watch Roman Holiday in a theater. (1:32)

Hymie tells King, “Like Roman Holiday.”
King: “Oh, HYmie, this is nothing like Roman Holiday. Roman Holiday had a guy with a name...” (1:32)

Deborah Kerr announces the Academy Award nomination for “The Brave One... Umberto D.... The Brave One.” (1:33)

A reporter asks Trumbo, “Did you write The Brave One?”
”See, The Brave One is a nice little picture.”
Nikola whispers in Trumbo’s ear, “Some crazy guy says he’s Kirk Douglas.” (1:34)

Kirk Douglas tells Trumbo the title of the new film: “Spartacus.” (1:36)

Trumbo tells someone by telephone, “Seeing my name in the papers still drives certain people out of their minds.” (1:36)

Director Otto Preminger shows Trumbo the script for Spartacus. (1:38)

Trumbo tells Preminger, referring to Trumbo’s pet bird, “He wrote Spartacus.” (1:41)

Preminger asks Trumbo, “On Spartacus?” (1:44)

Nikola tells Trumbo, referring to a neighbor, “He’s an idiot.” (1:45)

A television reporter asks Trumbo, “And you wrote The Brave One?” (1:45)

Newspaper title: “Exodus” (1:48)

Scene from Spartacus: “Kill him, you imbecile.” (1:48)

Douglas, by telephone: “... the screenplay for Spartacus was written by Dalton Trumbo.” (1:50)

Hopper: “It’s called Spartacus.” (1:50)

Theater marquis: “Spartacus
Trumbo and Cleo watch Spartacus on opening night. (1:51)

President Kennedy attends Spartacus. (1:53)

Speaker, introducing Trumbo: “Occasionally, there appears among us a person... who so subordinates his own ego to the concerns of other...” (1:53)

Title: “Teachers... were among those who suffered... and even suicides.” (1:58)