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Tulip Fever

Dane DeHaan, Alicia Vikander, Christoph Waltz, Holliday Grainger, Jack O'Connell, Zach Galifianakis, Judi Dench, Matthew Morrison, Cara Delevingne, Tom Hollander, Cressida Bonas, Douglas Hodge, David Harewood
cloves | nutmeg
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His friend tells trader Cornelis, “Nutmegs, straight off the boat.” (0:06)

Cornelis tells his wife Sophia, referring to artist Jan, “I’m assured he’s sober, industrious and respectable.” (0:13)

Artist Jan shows his paintings, including one entitled “The Drunkard’s Downward Path”
”They’re good, but they lack obsession.” (0:13)

Jan tells his friend Mattheus, “Obsession.”
Friend: “God, was I sozzled.” (0:14)

Cornelis tells Jan, “That's how it goes... nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves...” (0:17)

Cornelis tells Sophia, referring to a deal, “It’s a madness.”
Sophia: “If nutmegs grew like mussels, you’d get a barrelful for a florin.” (0:24)

Man referring to a man pulled from the water: “Took his own life over a tulip bulb.” (0:28)

Jan asks Sophia, “Are you mad?” (0:52)

A tulip trader tells Jan, “You’re mad.” (1:02)

Maria tells Sophia, “I have a terrible craving...” (1:02)

Grief overcomes Cornelis believing that Sophia has died. (1:14)

Jan asks his friend Gerrit, “Are you sober?” (1:19)

Maria tells Cornelis, referring to Sophia, “She was driven by madness.” (1:29)

Grief overcomes Jan believing that Sophia has died. (1:32)

Jan tells the Abbess, referring to Sophia, “She drowned herself.” (1:34)