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Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Mark Duplass, Ron Livingston, Elaine Tan, Colleen Wheeler, Maddie Dixon-Poirier, Gameela Wright
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Human resources worker Marlo performs the Wilbarger brush protocol on her son Jonah. (0:01)

Jonah perseverates: “Other lot. Other lot...” (0:05, 1:28)

Her friend Vi tells Marlo, "I'm in town for a friend's memorial. Her dad passed away." (0:08)

Marlo: "I want to kill myself." (0:10)

Nanny Shasta tells Jonah, "Chicken nuggets are food growth hormones." (0:13)

Marlo: "Crazy." (0:14)

Mermaid cartoon character: "This is crazy." (0:24)

Marlo tells Jonah’s school principal, "You think Jonah is retarded... I'm sorry about my retarded son, Laurie. " (0:26)

In Marlo’s dream Jonah perseverates, kicking the front seat. (0:35)

Marlo tells night nanny Tully, "It makes me nervous cuz it doesn't get any easier for girls, you know?"
Referring to Jonah: ”He's got all these strange behaviors and anxieties.”
”His therapist told us it's supposed to reduce his sensitivities to everyday things. We can't afford the therapist anymore... It's called Wilbarger’ brush protocol.” (0:42)

Marlo tells a teacher, referring to Jonah, "He just gets freaked out by certain noises." (0:50)

Marlo tells Tully, "It was crazy." (0:58)

Tully tellz Marlo, referring to Tully's roommate, "She just freaks out every time I bring a guy home."
”We're kind of enmeshed.” (1:05)

Dr. Smythe tells Marlo's husband Drew, "I'm on the psychiatric staff here."
Referring to Marlo: ”Does she have a history of mental illness?”
Drew: ”Well, okay, I mean, I guess there was some pretty bad depression when our son was born...”
Smythe: ”Actually, we think she's experiencing extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation.”
”I wouldn't ever expect her to drive drunk like that...” (1:07)

Does Jonah suffer from an autism spectrum disorder or Intellectual Disability?

Does Marlo suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder or Postpartum Psychosis?