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Turner and Hooch

CastTom Hanks, Mare Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, Reginald Veljohnson, Scott Paulin, J.C. Quinn, John McIntire, David Knell, Ebbe Roe Smith, Kevin Scannell
Year released1989
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An animal control woman tells investigator Turner, referring to Amos’ dog Hooch, “This dog’s nuts.”
”You’re nuts.” (0:22)

Neighbor: “Give him a Valium, Turner.” (0:30)

Turner tells veterinarian Emily, “This would make me nuts, yeah.”
”... one day, bang, you’re gonna call me a selfish, compulsive bastard... because I drive you crazy.” (0:46)

Turner: “Folks, don’t panic. Don’t panic!” (0:56)

Turner tells the police chief, “Drugs, Howard.” (1:00)

Turner: “Yeah, DEA agents...” (1:01)

The motel clerk tells Turner, “Speak English, moron.” (1:19)

Turner: “It’s drug money, Howard.” (1:28)

Reference in 22 Jump Street

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