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Chace Crawford, 50 Cent, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Billy Magnussen, Emily Meade, Esti Ginzburg, Jeremy Allen White, Zoë Kravitz, Philip Ettinger, Anthony Quarles, Kiefer Sutherland
marijuana | cocaine | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | Ambien | zolpidem | Xanax | alprazolam | Lunesta | eszopiclone | Sonata | zaleplon | tobacco-marijuana | twelve
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Narrator: "White Mike has never smoked a cigarette in his life, never had a drink or sucked down a doobie... White Mike has become a very good drug dealer... It's dangerous, but Lionel has the best bud. Ounces, and fifties, and dimes... and kids... all looking to get high." (0:01)

Narrator, referring to Mike's cousin: "... Charlie's strung out on a new drug called Twelve." (0:03)

Narrator: "When you weren't a drug dealer, and Hunter weren't a junkie with a gun." (0:07)

Mark tells Mike, "Yo, we gotta smoke some bowls tonight..." (0:09)

Mike at his mother's funeral.
Narrator: "He didn't talk to anyone that day... dropped out of school and started dealing to his ex-classmates." (0:12)

Partier Gabby smokes a joint. (0:13)

Model Tobias smokes a joint.
Narrator: "In Claude’s pockets he’s carrying one clear plastic prism filled with weed."
Tobias and Claude share a joint. (0:15)

Jessica drips clear liquid into her mouth from a vial.
Narrator, referring to Mike's appraisal of the death of his mother: "'And it wasn't good for me,' said White Mike, whose mother had died the day before."
Jessica takes more of the drug and falls to the floor.
Mike weighs and bags marijuana. (0:19)

Jessica in a phone call asks Claude’s brother Chris, "So you get your weed from that White Mike dude, right?"
Chris: "You want to get some and smoke?" (0:24)

Jessica tells Mike, "It's like coke, and then it was like ecstasy, and then..."
Mike: "Yeah, it's called Twelve." (0:27)

Mike asks his nanny Dorrine, "By the way, do you smoke dope?"
Dorrine: "... used to smoke spliffs..."
Mike: "... it's like... in dealing..." (0:28)

Charlie smokes a joint. (0:29)

Narrator, referring to Hunter: "He could call White Mike, but he's a drug dealer..." (0:31)

Sara asks her boyfriend Sean, "You're on heavy drugs, huh?" (0:32)

Mike tells dealer Lionel, referring to Charlie, "He's still dealing Twelve for you, isn't he?" (0:35)

Narrator: "Molly didn't see White Mike cry at the funeral."
Mike looks at his mother lying in her coffin.
Claude tells his mother via video conference, "Well, rehab was great... You still taking your Ambien, Xanax, Sonata, Lunesta?"
She swallows a pill on the computer screen.
Chris: "Just ask him about rehab or something."
Claude hits granite with his fist until he bleeds. (0:39)

Jessica takes more Twelve. Her stuffed animals talk to her. (0:42)

White Mike imagines his mother then imagines touching her. (0:46)

Jessica confirms with her mother, "You want me to go to a shrink."
Mom: "Yeah, a shrink. I go to one."
Gabby: "I try to... with my shrink."
Shelly: "I try to... my shrink."
"My shrink is so stupid."
Jessica: "Mommy, I don't need a shrink." (0:48)

Lionel tells Mike, "You need to be moving Twelve, man." He puts a package of drug on a railing. "Twelve, man."
Mike: "I can't be getting involved with this Twelve... man."
Lionel gives Mike a packet of drug. (0:52)

Sara tells Andrew, "... I'm... narcissistic..."
"Do you have any weed?" (0:54)

Chris asks Claude, "You on roids again?" (0:55)

Narrator: "Andrew thought... this is a drug deal."
Mike asks Andrew, "... why the weed?"
Andrew: "Thanks for the weed."
"Good luck... with dealing..."
Narrator: "As Andrew walked away, he thought, 'that must be the wackest drug dealer ever.'" (0:56)

Narrator: "Molly decides this would be a good night to get drunk." (1:04)

Jessica tells Tobias, "So, I was thinking that maybe we should get some Twelve later." (1:05)

Mark tells Mike, "We're trying to score some chronic man."
Mike: "For the last time, you guys aren't getting any weed, okay?" (1:06)

Mike’s dad tells Mike in a telephone call, "Charlie's dead." Mike grieves. (1:07)

Molly: "Well Chris, is this the kind of party where a 16 year old girl can get drunk?" (1:09)

Molly tells Lionel, "I can get you the money later if you just leave the Twelve now."
Lionel: "One before I give you the drugs."
Jessica: "First drugs..." (1:11)

Jessica swallows some drug. (1:14)

Gabby puts a joint in Chris' mouth.
Partying girl: "Hey, White Mike the drug dealer..."
Andrew tells Molly, "Yeah, that's the drug dealer..." (1:15)

Claude runs outside with his loaded pistol. We hear police order him "Drop your weapon!" followed by the sound of gunshots, all off camera. Suicide by cop? (1:20)

Molly tells Mike, "You don't drink. You don't do drugs. Because you like the power you have being sober..."
"Do not call me... until you stop dealing."
Mike remembers time with his mother as a child, then in her hospital bed. He visits Nana's grieving mother. (1:23)