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Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, David Strathairn, Russell Wong, Camryn Manheim, Mark Pellegrino, Titus Welliver, D.W. Moffett, Richard T. Jones, Leland Orser, William Hall
Ashley Judd | cocaine | flunitrazepam | Rohypnol | heroin
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Police inspector Jessica tells detective Wilson, "You're drunk."
Wilson: "They're mental." (0:05)

Police commissioner John asks Jessica, "How did that psycho get a knife to your throat?"(0:09)

John: "I mean what kind of moron tries to flush body parts down a toilet...?" (0:10)

Police psychiatrist Melvin asks Jessica, "Any nightmares, uh, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks?"
"It's standard procedure for any cop's been through a traumatic experience."
"... unless I'm convinced a crime is about to be committed or you are a danger to yourself." (0:15)

Defense attorney Ray tells Jessica, referring to defendant Edmund, "That loser's daddy is Culter Pharmaceuticals."(0:19)

Jessica in session with Melvin.
Melvin: "Well, 25 years ago your father went on a killing spree which ended with your mother and his own suicide." (0:21)

Inspector Mike tells Jessica, "Heroin, cocaine, illegal pharmaceuticals, party drugs." (0:29)

Inspector Dale asks Jessica, "I mean what is this, spotlight withdrawal?"
Inspector Wong: "It's sort of like homicide AA." (0:31)

Jessica tells Mike, "I must've gotten wasted. I kind of blacked out."(0:34)

A police officer tells Jessica, referring to murder victim, "Had a DUI a while back." (0:36)

Session with Melvin.
Jessica: "I've been a little stressed."
Melvin: "At one point you did suffer from some stress related symptoms."
Jessica: "My parents had died, and I was sad." (0:38)

Mike: "The overkill suggests some rage." (0:42)

Tong asks Jessica, "Anyone got like a sick fixation on you, might be stalking you?" (0:44)

Sign in bar: "NO ILLEGAL DRUGS" (0:46)

Jimmy tells Jessica, "You're a goddamn psychopath... You've got a screw loose, man! Wacko!" (0:49)

Jessica faints. (0:57)

Session with Melvin.
Jessica: "Am I losing my mind?... I'm hearing voices." (1:00)

Forensic pathologist Lisa tells her assistant Angelconfusion (Parents psychopathology)a, "I need you to... get a toxicology screening..." (1:03)

Jessica: "I think I'm losing it, John." (1:11)

Session with Melvin.
John asks Melvin: "Have you given her any medication?"
"I had them run her blood sample through a drug screen. Rohypnol."
Melvin: "Roofies, a date rape drug." (1:16)

John tells Jessica, "When she awakened from a drug-induced blackout..."
Jessica: "But why would Mike drug me?"
John: "Just enough to make him crazy."
Jessica: "Suspect had... familiarity with the drug..." (1:17)

Jessica tells Mike, "Rohypnol."
Mike: "Rohypnol? Yeah, Rohypnol."
John: "Date rape drug."
Mike: "Roofies."
John: "Roofies... I seem to remember you had a little girlfriend who OD'd and died from this stuff, so you know what roofies do..."
Jessica: "Someone has been drugging me."
John: "Make you feel confused and anxious. You, uh, feeling confused, Mike? Any, um, anxiety?"
"This is quite a stash you've got here Mike."
Mike: "Stash?"
John: "You gotta be crazy to be a cop."
"Your father had that same rage... He lost his mind." (1:21)