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Cast"Weird Al" Yankovic, David Bowe, Fran Drescher, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Richards, Stanley Brock, Gedde Watanabe, Billy Barty, Anthony Geary, Emo Philips, Trinidad Silva
Year released1989
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His guide tells George Newman, "It is an ancient, sacred, Hovitos symbol."
Scene that mimics Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (0:02)

Fast food worker Bob Steckler asks his roommate George, "Are you daydreaming again?" (0:06)

George tells Bob, "... I want you to... bash my head right in... just bash it right in."
Kuni’s karate students fly out through windows at his school. (0:08)

George bangs his head on the bar. (0:10)

His Aunt Esther Bilchik tells George, "... but, don’t you worry..." (0:11)

George, now television station program director: "Don’t worry, Bob..." (0:16)

Television ad: "... It’s Crazy Ernie from Crazy Ernie’s used car emporium.... Hey, Crazy Ernie... ‘cause I’m crazy." (0:16)

Television station owner R. J. Fletcher tells his son, Richard: "You idiot..."
”I will not tolerate this kind of behavior at Channel 8...”
Richard answers janitor Stanley Spadowski: ”No, you moron.” (0:18)

A man tells Stanley, "Let go, you idiot." (0:21)

Two people walk through a cemetery. (0:31)

Teri, by telephone: "George Newman, you are a selfish, thoughtless, insensitive creep..." (0:37)

George as Uncle Nutzy: "It’s a sad, depressing story about a pathetic coyote... the futile pursuit of a sadistic roadrunner..." (0:38)

Bob asks George, "Are you crazy?" (0:39)

"You know, that cartoon, it reminds me of a dream I had last week..." (0:40)

Television host Raul Hernandez asks a poodle, "Ah, Foofie, are you psyched?" (0:47)


Mike and Spike bang their heads together. (0:54)

By telephone, George tells his uncle Harvey, "Yeah, well let me worry about where I’m gonna come up with the money." (0:59)

Harvey tells R. J., "Don’t worry about it." (1:01)

Commentator, referring to George: "Sometimes shocking..." (1:02)

Gandhi II strikes a thug in the head.
Gandhi II slams another thugs head against the top of a car. (1:09)

The head thug tells Stanley, "You’re makin’ us nuts." (1:12)

George imitates Rambo. (1:15)

George, imitating Rambo, tells the thugs, "I’m your worst nightmare." (1:19)

R. J., on television: "The following... may even shock you... If you took their combined IQ and multiplied it by a hundred, you might have enough intelligence to tie your shoe..." (1:22)

Harvey asks R. J., "What, are you crazy?" (1:25)

Teri asks George, "You know those dreams you’re always having?"
Scene that mimics Gone With The Wind (1:30)

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