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Uncle Frank

Paul Bettany, Sophia Lillis, Peter Macdissi, Margo Martindale
Ken Kesey | William Styron | Truman Capote | marijuana
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Betty Bledsoe: "I might understand if Uncle Frank was selfish or rude or snobby, but he wasn’t." (0:06)

Her college professor Uncle Frank tells Betty, referring to Marsha, "... please don’t do what your idiot cousin Marsha did. She got herself pregnant, and now she’s gonna have to marry that imbecilic young man." (0:09)

Frank’s “girlfriend” Charlotte tells the others, "It’s crazy, right?" (0:11)

Her fellow NYU student Bruce answers Betty (now Beth): "... Ken Kesey, William Styron, Truman Capote." (0:14)

His friend Bernard shares a joint with Frank.
Bruce: ”Don’t worry, Frank.”
Bruce takes a toke. (0:20)

Bruce tells Beth, "Your uncle completely flipped out on me. I think he’s stoned."
Beth: ”On pot?” (0:22)

His engineer partner Walid “Wally” Nadeem asks Frank, "Bernard the pothead?"
”Oh, don’t worry about that. She’s not going to remember any of it.”
”Did you smoke pot?”
”Yeah, and you’re sober.”
Frank: ”And marijuana is not alcohol.”
Referring to Bernard: ”He’s way too repressed to ever do anything like that.”
Beth: ”Bruce said you freaked out. Why’d you freak out?”
Frank: ”... the reason I freaked out is...”
Wally: ”Oh, don’t worry.” (0:23)

By telephone, Mammaw (Frank’s mother) tells Frank, referring to his father (Daddy Mac), "He died this morning." (0:29)

Beth tells Frank, referring to her mother Kitty, "She gets hysterical." (0:30)

Frank tells Beth, "People are idiots."
Referring to Wally: ”... I told him I’d just seen the film Lawrence of Arabia...”
”Any boyfriends, besides the idiot Bruce?” (0:33)

Wally tells Beth, referring to his family, "They’re crazy." (0:44)

Frank drinks liquor. Relapse of alcoholism? (0:51)

Mammaw at the open casket of Daddy Mac (0:52)

Kitty tells Beth and Frank, "I was so worried you two got in a..."
”My step-dad’s cousin’s son died in a plane crash.” (0:52)

His brother Mike tells Frank, "After the rehearsal dinner we got shit-faced... We were both hungover at the wedding."
Frank: ”I just thought you seemed nervous.” (0:54)

Funeral for Daddy Mac (1:00)

Daddy Mac tells young Frank, referring to homosexuality, "It’s perversion." (1:01)

Young Frank finds the lifeless body of his friend Sam floating in water. (1:02, 1:13)

Beth answers Marsha: "Truman Capote." (1:04)

Lawyer, reading Mac’s will: "To my oldest son, Francis MacKenzie Bledsoe, Jr., I leave nothing but the filthy and unnatural perversion he engages in with other men and shame that he carries my name." (1:09)

Wally asks Beth, referring to Frank, "Was he drunk? Was he drunk? Why would he drive drunk?" (1:11)

Young Frank tells young Sam, "We have to stop now if we want any chance to be normal and not end up perverts." (1:12)

Young Frank reads a note from Sam: "... I am a pervert..." (1:13)

Wally tells Beth, "I know how Frank is when he gets drunk." (1:13)

Wally tells Frank, "You... idiot of a moron."
Frank: ”Yeah, well people are idiots.” (1:15)

Frank visits his father’s grave at the cemetery, then leaves flowers at the grave of Sam. (1:17)