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Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler, Lakeith Lee Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian, Judd Hirsch, Pom Klementieff, The Weeknd, Josh Ostrovsky, Sahar Bibiyan
Michael Jackson | cocaine
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Jewelry store owner Howard: "That guy’s a... moron." (0:06)

By telephone, Howard asks loan shark Arno Moradian, "Are you... out of your mind?" (0:08)

Howard: "I’m so... stressed out." (0:09)

Man: "This is crazy." (0:11)

Howard’s assistant Demany, referring to Howard, "He’s just a... crazy-ass Jew." (0:14)

Basketball pro Kevin Garnett: "I was thinking about the Presi though, the one you got that crazy-ass deal for... The crazy one..."
Demany: ”Your ass crazy, man.” (0:14)

By telephone, Howard tells his son Eddie, "I knew you'd freak out." (0:23)

Howard tells his wife Dinah, referring to Eddie, "That’s why he’s going so crazy up there." (0:30)

By telephone, Howard tells someone, "This is crazy." (0:31)

By telephone, Howard tells his girlfriend and employee Julia, "I’m in an incredible mood." (0:33)

By telephone Demany tells Howard, "I hit mad traffic." (0:36)

Demany tells Howard, "... retarded, man." (0:39)

Dinah, referring to Marcel, "I think she’s a little nervous."
Woman: ”Little nervous...”
”He’s nervous.”
Howard: ”These kids are becoming morons.”
Woman: ”We’ll be morons in Cancun.” (0:40)

Henchman Phil tells Howard, "Don’t worry about Arno." (0:47)

Howard tells his daughter Marcel, "That’s right, because I’m an idiot." (0:53)

Julia and singer “The Weeknd” snort white powder. Cocaine? (0:57)

Flawless asks Howard, "Do you know what’s going on with my Michael Jackson pendant?" (0:58)

By telephone, Howard tells Jenna, "I didn’t mean to worry you." (1:03)

A man with Kevin tells Howard, "I’m claustrophobic."
Kevin: ”This is crazy.” (1:05)

Demany tells Howard, "Them boxes is mad expensive, you... idiot." (1:09)

Julia tells Howard, "You’re being... crazy again." (1:11)

Howard tells his father-in-law Gooey, "I made a crazy risk, a gamble, and it’s about to pay off." (1:16)

Howard asks Dinah, "Am I crazy?" (1:18)

Howard tells Eddie, referring to a neighbor, "He was in Coming to America." (1:21)

Howard asks Eddie, referring to another neighbor, "What are you doing talking to that cokehead?" (1:24)

Anne’s receptionist tells Howard, "Don’t worry about it." (1:29)

Howard tells Gooey, referring to Kevin, "This guy is obsessed with the stone." (1:30)

Julia tells Howard, "I’m so crazy about you."
”This is crazy.” (1:41)

Howard tells the pawnbroker, "You’re not gonna have to worry about that." (1:43)

Kevin: "Howard, you’re... crazy, man." (1:47)

Arno tells Howard, "You’re a moron." (1:52)

By telephone, Dinah tells Howard, "You’re freaking me out." (1:54)

Phil tells Arno, "Don’t... confuse me." (2:06)

Dinah: "Amy, he was naked and drunk, okay?" (2:07)