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Under Capricorn

Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Michael Wilding, Margaret Leighton, Cecil Parker, Denis O'Dea, Jack Watling, Harcourt Williams, John Ruddock, Francis De Wolff
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Dr. McAllister asks Sam Flusky, referring to Flusky’s wife Henrietta, "How is our patient?" (0:23)

Henrietta asks her old friend Charlie Adare to kill something she has hallucinated. (0:28)

Charlie tells Henrietta, "You were extremely drunk."
”I don't even remember dressing.” (0:39)

Sam tells his butler Winter, referring to his wife Henrietta and the maids, "Anyhow, what would she do with that crazy crowd?" (0:57)

Maid Susan (Crumpet) answer's Henrietta, "Because I'm barmy, ma'am. Barmy on the crumpet is the saying here." (1:00)

Housekeeper Milly tells Sam, referring to the waltz, "Men and women dance around in each other's arms until they are giddy... I've been worried to death." (1:09)

Henrietta tells Sam, "What a shock, you came."
Sir Richard, Governor of New South Wales, second cousin of Adair, tells Sam,”... I assure you I have a pretty good memory for incidents of this sort.” (1:16)

Charlie tells Henrietta, referring to Sam, "The man's mad..."
Henrietta tells Charlie, ”I was delirious for weeks...”
She recalls, ”the drunken screaming women...” (1:18)

Henrietta tells Sam, "You behaved like a madman at the ball, and you are behaving like a madman now." (1:27)

Sir Richard asks Dr. McAllister, referring to Charlie, "What possessed me to bring this irresponsible idiot with me, I don't know." (1:29)

Milly tells Sam, referring to Dr. McAllister and Henrietta, "I told him she was seeing things... He strengthened her sleeping draft." (1:37)

Sam finds Henrietta hallucinating.
He tells her, ”If you go on like this you’ll go off your head.”
Henrietta feints when she sees a (real) shrunken head under her bed covers. (1:40)

Milly laces Henrietta's drink with the sleeping draft.
Henrietta tell Sam, referring to Milly, ”She tried to make me take the sleeping draft, all of it in that glass.”
Millie tells Henrietta, ”You were trying to kill yourself.”
Milly tells Sam, ”She's mad.”
”I'm only good enough to... look after your drunk of a wife.” (1:43)

Sam tells Henrietta, referring to the attorney general and his assistant, "I was in no mood to listen to their legal jargon..." (1:49)