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Under the Volcano

Albert Finney, Jacqueline Bisset, Anthony Andrews, Ignacio López Tarso, Katy Jurado, James Villiers, Dawson Bray, Carlos Riquelme
Malcolm Lowry | strychnine | ethyl alcohol
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Church graveyard decorated for the Day of the Dead. (0:03)

Former British Consul Geoffrey drinks heavily throughout the film. (0:11)

Tremulous Geoffrey tells his actress ex-wife Yvonne, “It’s the shakes that make this life insupportable...” (0:24)

Yvonne and Geoffrey wander through the graveyard. (0:27)

Geoffrey tells Yvonne, referring to his writer half-brother, “This is Hugh’s home cure for alcoholism, strychnine.”
”When I’m sober, you mean. Surely you know by this time that I can’t get drunk how ever much I drink, and that I’m only drunk in the conventional incoherent staggering sense when I haven’t had a drink. Truly you appreciate the fine balance I must strike between the shakes of too little and the abyss of too much.” (0:31)

Geoffrey tells Yvonne, “I’ll stop drinking.” (0:40)

Hugh tells Yvonne, “Half the time I can’t tell when he’s tight.” (0:44)

Geoffrey tells Yvonne and Hugh, “All due to Hugh’s wonder drug... We could all have a strychnine.” (0:48)

Geoffrey, tells Hugh: “There’s nothing like beer, beer, to straighten one out, and then go back to the strychnine, strychnine...” (0:52)

Geoffrey asks Dr. Vigil, “Doctor, what would you prescribe for a chronic case of uncontrollable, all-possessing and inescapable delirium tremens?”
Vigil: ”More alcohol is best in a quantity moderated.” Detoxification? (0:56)

Fortune teller Dona Gregorio tells Geoffrey, “Men’s... and then they go crazy, and then they go sick, and then they die.” (1:02)

Hugh apologizes to Yvonne, “It’s just the notion of Geoff... soberly hoeing.”
Yvonne: “Well, it wouldn’t have to be as soberly as all that.” (1:03)

Dona Gregorio, “But your mind is occupated on one thing, so you will never lose your mind.” (1:04)

Hugh mourns other soldiers he knew: “When I think of the men I knew there, the ones who stayed and died, Christ, I feel like a deserter.
Geoffrey: ”You don’t know about conscience and about guilt.” (1:16)

Hugh tells Yvonne, referring to Geoffrey, “He’ll drink himself sober and come dragging home in the morning.” (1:25)

The dwarf tells Geoffrey, “One time you were drunk...” (1:27)