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Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris, Jaimz Woolvett, Saul Rubinek, Frances Fisher, Anna Levine, David Mucci
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Rancher Will Munny tells gunslinger The Schofield Kid, referring to whiskey, "I ain’t had a drop in over ten years."
Munny, referring to his wife Claudia: ”She’s passed on.” (0:12)

Munny visits Claudia's grave. (0:18)

Munny tells his rancher friend Ned Logan"... at least nothing I could remember when I sobered up."
Logan: ”You was one crazy son of a bitch, Will.” (0:30)

Cowboy Joe tells cowboy Thurston, referring to English Bob, "Might be he’s waitin’ for some crazy cowboy to touch his pistol, so he can shoot him down." (0:33)

English Bob tells Thurston, "No doubt your aim was affected by your grief over the injury to your president." (0:34)

Bob tells Sheriff Little Bill Daggett, "Well, actually what I heard was that you fell off your horse, drunk, of course, and that you broke your bloody neck."
”Got a Peacemaker, but that wouldn’t worry you,would it?” (0:40)

Signs on building: "DRUGS, DRUG STORE" (0:46)

Daggett tells writer W.W. Beauchamp, "... Bob here takes a shot at him, and he misses, ‘cause he’s damn drunk. That bullet whizzing by panicked old Corky, and he did the wrong thing... he misses, ‘cause he’s still so damn drunk..."
”No, he just walked over there real slow, ‘cause he’s drunk...” (0:56)

Munny tells Logan, referring to whiskey, "I don’t touch it no more."
”I ain’t no crazy killing fool.” (1:05)

Daggett tells Beauchamp, "You see them in the taverns, you know, tramps and drunk teamsters and crazed miners... without any sand or character, not even any bad character. I do not like assassins, or men of low character..." (1:10)

Munny describes a vision to Logan. (1:12)

Munny tells Daggett, "I ain’t drunk." (1:14)

The Schofield Kid tells two prostitutes, "Don’t you ladies worry none." (1:21)

Daggett tells the deputy, "Don’t worry about them horses, Fatty..." (1:36)

Cowboy Quick Mike tells the others, "Well I ain’t worried..." (1:39)

Munny tells the Kid, "I was drunk most of the time." (1:46)

A prostitute tells Munny, referring to Logan, "He’s dead." (1:50)

Munny: "You don’t have to worry, Kid." (1:52)

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