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The Unkissed Bride

Sigmund Freud
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Honeymooner Ted faints (or becomes catatonic?) after seeing or hearing references to fairy tales. (0:06, 0:25, 0:36, 0:44, 0:57, 1:11)

Hotel owner Jacques tells his niece (Ted's bride) Margie, “I must admit that this is the first time that the groom has fainted.” (0:09)

Jacques tells house detective Ernest, referring to Ted, that the doctor says “he might black out again.” (0:11)

Talk show host Joe Pyne says, “Yes lady I think psychiatrists are important, especially for some of the dingalings that keep these telephones tied up."
Caller: "You need a psychiatrist."
Joe: "You have an inferiority complex.”
Caller: "Joe Pyne, I think you're nuts."
New caller: “What have you got against psychiatrists, Joe?”
Joe: "I have nothing against headshrinkers. I just object to treating their patients for nothing.”
Caller: "I've been paying my psychiatrist right along."
Joe: "Are you still taking treatment?"
Third caller: "I just heard you talk about psychiatrists.” (0:12)

Ted sees an ad in the yellow pages: “Psychiatry.” He tells psychiatrist Marilyn, "I think I’m a mental case doctor."
Marilyn: “Mr. Hastings, I'm not accustomed to strangers... expecting instant analysis.”
”Exactly when did you black out?”
She presents an atomizer that will dispense “A harmless psychedelic drug. It reduces inhibitions to shreds.”
Ted: "But I don't have any inhibitions." (0:13)

In Ted's hallucination Red Riding Hood inflicts a traumatic head injury on the Big Bad Wolf. (0:17)

Ted tells Marilyn, “Uncle Jacques, Margie, meet my head shrinker. I couldn't tell them I'm seeing a psychiatrist..."
Marilyn: "But sometimes a patient's problems are easily solved..." (0:18)

Marilyn uses her atomizer on Ted. (0:28)

Ernest tells Jacques,“Ted had another one of his fainting spells...” (0:38)

Margie tells Marilyn, referring to Ted, “We started kissing, and then he fainted.” (0:39)

Margie tells Ted, “Now I’ve diagnosed your case...” (0:43)

Jacques tells Margie, referring to Ted, “The only place where he is hurting is in his libido.” (0:44)

Marilyn tells Ted, referring to fairy tale characters, “... and they’re all in your subconscious. You've got to find a way to outwit your subconscious.” (0:46)

Margie tells Jacques, “I'll get him drunk."
"If I can get him drunk enough...” (0:46)

Ted tells Marilyn, “I don’t think I can go through another one of those childrens' story binges.”
Marilyn: “Binges?”
"You and Margie are going on a binge tonight, and you're going to get sloshed
Ted: “Sloshed?”
Marilyn: ”Stoned, juiced, gassed.” (0:47)

Margie tells Ted, “You’re drunk.” (0:56)

Ted suffers symptoms of a hangover. (1:01)

Ted activates the atomizer. Marilyn suggests, “When I snap mey fingers you will wake up.” (1:02)

Marilyn tells Ted, “We’ll talk about it in the morning when you’ve had a chance to sober up a bit.” (1:04)

Marilyn uses a metronome to hypnotize Ted on her couch. “You’re going back... when you were a little boy.” (1:06)

Marilyn tells Ted, “This calls for a drastic step above and beyond the call of Sigmund Freud.”
“Kiss me.” Boundary violation? (1:09)

Marilyn gives Ted another dose from the atomizer. (1:13)

Marilyn gives Ted another dose from the atomizer. She uses hypnotic suggestion again. (1:15)

Margie tells Jacques, “You know that Ted passes out nearly every time he kisses me.” (1:16)