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Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah, Juno Temple, Amy Irving, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Gibson Frazier, Aimee Mullins, Colin Woodell
fentanyl | lithium | marijuana | methamphetamine | methylphenidate | risperidone
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By telephone financial analyst Sawyer tells her mother Angela, “... you know what an impulsive girl I am.” (0:06)

Sawyer types into her Google search window, “support groups for victims of stalking.” (0:10)

A counselor asks Sawyer, “But you still see your stalker everywhere?”
Sawyer: “Well rationally, I know that this is my neuroses colluding with my imagination to manifest my worst fears.”
Counselor, referring to Sawyer’s thoughts, “Like not wanting to keep living.”
Sawyer: “Like suicide?”
Counselor: “Do you ever think about taking your own life?”
Sawyer: “Do you know the therapeutic index?... the blood concentration of when a drug is toxic or when it's effective. The larger the therapeutic index, the safer the drug... testing drugs.”
Counselor: “Well, we can discuss treatment options when you finish the paperwork.” (0:11)

Sawyer tells the receptionist, “If the counselor has a half hour for me sometime next week.” (0:13)

Nurse Boles tells Sawyer, “It’s to protect you, the other patients, and the hospital.”
Sawyer: “... the counselor said that I...”
Boles: “By signing this you’ve consented to voluntary commitment for 24 hours.”
Sawyer: “The counselor said the forms were routine.” (0:15)

Sawyer tells Boles, referring to calls to the police, “Those are from crazy people.” (0:19)

Sawyer: “You’re scaring me to death you... mental patient.”
Patient: “Calling her a mental patient isn’t helpful.” (0:20)

Sawyer: “I’m locked up in here with... psycho rapists...” (0:23)

A nurse injects Sawyer with an unspecified drug. (0:24)

Sawyer meets with Dr. Hawthorne, presumably a psychiatrist.
Sawyer: “So what can I do to give you one less patient to worry about?”
“Now, did I indicate to the counselor that I sometimes, occasionally, feel down?”
”I was under a lot of stress.” (0:26)

Patient Nate explains the rules to the other patients: “No touching the other patients.” (0:29)

Nate tells Sawyer, referring to the counselor, “They brought up suicide.”
”They need to admit as many patients to fill those beds to get that money... the law of averages suggests that a percentage of the patients admitted to Highland Creek are in actual need of psychiatric care.”
Sawyer: “They're locking up sane people for profit.” (0:30)

Nate tells Sawyer, “Tumbling Pines streams meth addict cage matches... if you hook up with the right people, you don't gotta worry about weed, booze, porn... I, myself, am in the throes of kicking an opioid addiction...” (0:31)

Nurses pass out pills.
Nurse Boles tells Sawyer, “Take your meds and move on.”
Boles asks a staff member, “George, did you do or say anything to provoke this patient?”
Sawyer asks George, referring to text messages, “Do you remember, David, all the ones where you said you'd kill yourself if you couldn't have me?” (0:32)

Staff restrain Sawyer in a bed. (0:35)

Sawyer tells patient Violet, “I was in restraints, you idiot.” (0:37)

Sawyer tells Dr. Hawthorne, “... my stalker, you've read the counselor's notes.”
Hawthorne: “I'm adding a course of risperidone and lithium to your meds.”
Sawyer: ”That's your diagnosis? You’re sedatin#g me....” (0:37)

Sawyer screams: “I'm not... crazy.” (0:39)

Staff remove Sawyer from her restraints. (0:40)

By telephone Sawyer tells Angela, “Just don't panic, but I've been involuntarily committed to a facility called Highland Creek here in Pennsylvania. They said I was suicidal... there was this guy, who, he was kind of stalking me.”
Angela: ”What do you mean, kind of stalking you?”
Sawyer: ”They drug me, and they tie me to a bed...” (0:41)

Angela asks Hawthorne, referring to Sawyer, “Stuck in a hospital with her stalker is the best place for her?” (0:43)

Administrator Brighterhouse tells Angela,”The decision regarding Sawyer's admission was made by an attending psychiatrist in consultation with members of our clinical treatment team.”
Angela: “You only made her think she does so you could describe her as suicidal on your insurance claim.” (0:43)

Sawyer tells Angela, “Stalker logic.”
Angela: ”That idiot doctor and that bitch of an administrator can't stop me.”
”... this stalker is done harassing you.” (0:46)

By telephone a lawyer tells Angela, “Pennsylvania State Law mandates that a patient can only be held on involuntary commitment for seven days without a court order.” (0:48)

“She took a mega dose of methylphenidate this morning instead of her risperidone and lithium.” (0:51)

Boles tells George, “Double check the meds against Dr. Hawthorne's list for each and every patient.” (0:51)

Sawyer tells Nate, “I must be insane.”
”My father died when I was 15.”
Burial (0:52)

Nate tells Sawyer, “The opioid withdrawal program is a 4-week project.” (1:02)

George tells Nate, “No personal relationships that can impede upon another patients recovery.” (1:04)

George uses an electroconvulsive therapy device on Nate. (1:04)

Another patient tells staff, referring to Sawyer, “She's... crazy.” (1:05)

George injects Nate with fentanyl. (1:06)

Sawyer in a padded room (1:06, 1:07)

Nurse Boles tells George, “Referring to Nate, his body was found in the old ECT room. He OD'd. Somehow got hold of a shit ton of fentanyl.”
”Not a word of this around the other patients.” (1:07)

Sawyer tells George, referring to his father, “Losing his mind was the best thing that could have happened to him.”
””That's who you've been stalking for the past two years.” (1:12)

George asks Sawyer, “Just like a random patient?” (1:23)

Woman on television: ”We sent Nate to follow up on rumors that the hospital was committing patients against their will.”
Web page: “S.I.: SUICIDE INC.”