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Unstrung Heroes

Andie MacDowell, John Turturro, Michael Richards, Maury Chaykin, Nathan Watt, Anne De Salvo, Celia Weston, Jack McGee, Candy Azzara, Kendra Krull, Giuseppe Andrews, Lillian Adams, Lou Cutell, Sumer Stamper
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Danny: “We were followed.
Danny tells his brother Arthur, referring to Joanie’s latkes, ”She probably fried ‘em in hemlock.”
May: “I work for a modeling agency you maniac...”
Danny tells Selma, ”And I hardly think that you should be smoking a marijuana cigarette in your condition.”
May: ”Marijuana?”
Danny: ”Oh, you don’t think I know slurred speech when I hear it?”
”I need marijuana.”
Melvin: “... there are demented schmucks who are not welcome!” (0:15)

Student Ralph Crispi’s father, referring to Danny: “Who the hell is this nut?” (0:23)

His landlord LIndquist, referring to Arthur, “You make me nuts.” (0:36)

Steven finds Danny and Arthur’s apartment piled high with hoarded papers, paintings and other objects. (0:37)

Arthur shows Steven a scrapbook with the words “Crazy face.” (0:41)

Lindquist: “Those idiots are gonna make me late...” (0:51)

By telephone Danny tells Arthur, referring to the fire inspector, “I suggested he recommend Mr. Harvey Lindquist for mandatory psychiatric care.” (0:52)

The three brothers and Steven visit the grave of his grandmother Fanny in a cemetery. (0:56)

Danny tells Steven’s father Sid, “Well, those Ellis Island idiots got it wrong.” (0:59)

Sid asks Danny, “You know where heaven is? In the minds of morons.” (1:01)

His student friend Ash tells Steven (now Franz), “My father shot himself.” (1:05)

Ash asks Franz, “Is your uncle really crazy?” (1:09)

Ash asks Franz, “When’s he gonna do something really nutsy?”
Franz, referring to Danny: “He’s freaking out.” (1:11)

Ash: “Wow, this guy is really nuts. He’s really nuts.” (1:13)

Sid tells Franz, referring to Danny, “He committed himself last night.” (1:14)

Franz visits Danny at the psychiatric hospital. (1:18)

Shiva after Selma has died. (1:22)

Sid finds Danny at the psychiatric hospital. (1:24)

Franz watches movies of Selma over her casket. He grieves with Sid. (1:25)

Would you diagnose Danny with delusional disorder, persecutory type?