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Valley of Love

Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Huppert, Dan Warner, Aurélia Thiérrée, Dionne Houle
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Poster on restaurant wall behind actor Isabelle: "The Sum of All Fears" (0:08)

Her actor ex-husband Gérard tells Isabelle, "This whole thing's insane." (0:10)

Isabelle tells Gérard, "I'm not crazy." (0:12)

Isabelle tells Gérard, "Crazy."(0:14)

Isabelle asks Gérard, "How can you not see your child for seven years?"
Gérard: "It was his decision."
"He refused to see the two of us."
"15 years later some asshole informs us that our son is dead... and when he got home, he ate enough pills to end his life."
"I'm whatever you want, an asshole, a bastard, an alcoholic." (0:17)

Gérard reads a letter to Isabelle from their son MIchael: "I don't do drugs... always with your anxious mom expression... always... anxious... I know you won't be there because you think I'm crazy... I killed myself as planned." (0:23)

Gérard tells Isabelle, "I'm not drunk."
Isabelle "You've practiced that trick drunk." (0:28)

Paul: "You know, if you think about it, when you watch The Godfather..."
Paul's wife Katherine: "Scarface"
Gérard: "Yes, Scarface."
Katherine: "He's a drug dealer."
Gérard: "That's why I turned down so many parts: Rain Man, E.T., The Godfather."
Paul: "You turned down The Godfather?"
Paul tells Katherine, "He turned down all three Godfathers." (0:30)

Isabelle tells Gérard, referring to Glenn Gould, “He had Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.”
Referring to Michael: "His suicide." (0:33)

Isabelle tells Gérard, "You're borderline."
Gérard: "Are you calling me borderline?... I'm borderline. I'm borderline because of your stupid dream? What is borderline?"
Isabelle: "It's a personality disorder." (0:37)

Isabelle reads Michael's letter to Gérard: "I took my own life." (0:48)

Hysterical, Isabelle tells Gérard, “There was someone there.
"I'm not crazy."(0:54)

Isabelle shows Gérard burns on her ankles: “From his hands.”
”If felt his hands on me, and this happened.”
“I'm crazy. I'm delusional...”
"I feel abandoned, empty."(0:59)

Isabelle asks Gérard, “Are you crazy?” (1:10)

Gérard tells Isabelle, ”Michael," implying he encountered him up the trail.
"It was him. It was him." (1:21)

Boxes labeled "Meclizine" on Isabelle's bed. (1:26)

Gérard shows Isabelle burns on his wrists he attributes to Michael grabbing him. (1:29)