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Valley of the Dolls

CastBarbara Parkins, Patty Duke, Paul Burke, Sharon Tate, Tony Scotti, Martin Milner, Charles Drake, Alexander Davion,Susan Hayward, Lee Grant, Joey Bishop, Robert H. Harris,Robert Viharo, George Jessel, Jacqueline Susann
Year released1967
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Open capsules spill their contents. (0:00)

View of a cemetery from the train. (0:02, 0:03)

Attorney Agent? Henry tells secretary and model Anne, “I’ll drink too much and won’t remember a damned word next morning.” (0:07)

Actress Helen tells Anne, “You’re making me nervous.” (0:10)

Singer Neely swallows pills. (0:37)

Anne’s mother has died. (0:41)

Mel tells Jennifer, “Only in Hollywood do women faint because...”
Mel, referring to Neely, “She starts out at 5:30 in the morning still punchy from last night’s sleeping pills, so she takes a red pill to pep herself up, and at midnight she’s still flying.”
He reads off checks: ”Psychiatrist.”
Jennifer: “Psychiatrist?”
Mel: “They say it must be emotional conflicts. Conflicts my foot... The headshrinker says she’s insecure...”
Neely: “These pills are really great, Jen. They kill your appetite. Only trouble is they pep me up so much I can’t sleep.” She swallows a pill. (0:56)

His doctor tells Jennifer, referring to her singer husband Tony’s diagnosis, “The disease is called Huntington’s chorea.”
”As soon as the sedation I gave him wears wears off... possible hallucination.” Jennifer swallows a pill. (1:03)


Jennifer: “The sanitarium was very expensive.” (1:07)

Stage hand referring to Neely’s behavior: “She’s full of sauce.”
Film director: ”It’s not booze. It’s pills.”

Neely’s new husband Ted: “It’s all those pills and booze.” (1:08)

Neely tells Anne. “Sure, I take dolls.”
Anne: “Neely, you know it’s bad to take liquor with those pills.”
Neely: “... you could use a few dolls.” She offers some to Anne.
”And that psychiatrist, Dr. Mitchell... says that I am self-destructive.” (1:10)

Ted tells a friend, referring to Neely, “By this time she’s so full of pills and booze...”
Neely: “You’re crazy.”
Ted: “... you’re always... and too full of those damned dolls.”
”... and I’ve got my sanity back.” (1:14)

Lyon tells Neely, “And now on this one you’ve been out six days because of sleeping pills.”
”I want you to go to a sanitarium and dry out.” (1:18)

Neely wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how she got there. (1:23)

Lyon tells Neely, “You took an overdose of pills.”
”Ann and I want you to go to a sanitarium...”
Neely: “A nut house.”
”I’m not nutty. I’m just hooked on dolls... worse than booze or dope... I’ve forgotten how to sleep without dolls... I can’t get through a day without a doll... I need a doll. Give me a doll.” (1:24)

Lyon and Anne walk through the grounds of the sanitarium with Neely, who tells Anne, “You should have taken a doll.”
”I couldn’t sleep. I needed a pill... Then they stuck me in this big tub and hooked a canvas around me...” We see Neely in a tub.
Neely plays checkers in the day room with “well bred kooks,” one of whom grabs her and accuses her of “telling the rest of the inmates that she’s a latent homosexual.” (1:29)

Jennifer empties a prescription bottle into her hand then swallows them all. (1:40)

A reporter asks Anne, referring to Jennifer, “Do you know any reason she would take her own life?”
Reporter: “Was she depressed.”
”But do you know any reason why she would take her own life?” (1:42)

Star Helen tells Lyon, referring to Neely, “You should have kept her in a straight jacket.” (1:46)

Neely tells Helen, “Merrick’s not that crazy.”
Helen: “You just came out of the nut house.”
Neely: “It was not a nut house.”
Helen: “Well Broadway doesn’t go for booze and dope.” (1:47)

Helen tells Lyon, “I don’t need pills like Neely. I know you dried her out...” (1:50)

Anne takes capsules from a prescription bottle, spills them onto a tray then walks into the surf. (1:51)

Neely tells Lyon, “I liked pills, booze and a funny farm.” (1:54)

Neely, opening a prescription bottle: “My beautiful little dolls.” She washes two down with liquor. (1:56)

References in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Outrageous!, Postcards from the EdgeSlums of Beverly Hills

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