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Vanishing Point

Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Dean Jagger, Victoria Medlin, Paul Koslo, Robert Donner, Timothy Scott, Gilda Texter, Anthony James, Arthur Malet, Karl Swenson
Benzedrine | marijuana | amphetamine
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Delivery driver Kowalski tells drug dealer Jake he needs “Speed.” He sells him some and Kowalski swallows a few.
Kowalski: “I’m gonna bet you the tab for the bennies.” (0:12)

Colorado Patrolman to dispatcher: “This guy’s nuts.” (0:31)

Dispatcher: “Apparently this speed maniac you’ve been chasing...” (0:41)

Super Soul's engineer, referring to DJ Super Soul: “Crazy.” (0:46)

Super Soul, on the air: “I don’t think anybody can [help you], except for that crazy lucky streak of yours.” (0:49)

His friend Vera rolls a joint and offers it to Kowalski. (0:51)

Kowalski tells her, “You’re crazy surfing in the middle of winter.” (0:53)

Sheriff, reading: “Previous failure to submit to alcohol level tests.” (1:08)

Stranded motorist tells Kowalski, “Well you’re so silent, and moody.” (1:11)

Kowalski asks a biker, “You got any ups?”
Biker: “You mean speed?” (1:16)

Kowalski swallows pills. He puts more in his pocket. (1:18)

California highway patrol Dispatcher: “We don’t call them mothers or speed freaks around here...” (1:26)

Marijuana, rolling paper and a roach clip on a table. Jake asks Kowalski by phone: “Are you high or what?" (1:28)

Kowalski drives his car into a pair of bulldozers. (1:36)

Remade as Vanishing Point.