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Vanishing Point (1997)

Viggo Mortensen, Christine Elise, Steve Railsback, Rodney A. Grant, Peter Murnik, James G. MacDonald, Paul Benjamin, Geno Silva, John Doe, Peta Wilson, Keith David, Jason Priestley
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Utah state patrolman Gilmore asks Sgt. Chuck, "You think he's a druggie, or what?" (0:27)

Gilmore tells Chuck, "This guy's nuts, He is totally nuts." (0:30)

Park ranger Raphinia tells automobile restorer Jimmy, "You're crazy."
"Why can't you just jump off a bridge like any other nut case?" (0:35)

An FBI agent tells his boss about Jimmy's involvement in "Some kind of drug case."
Boss: "It's either drugs or guns." (0:36)

Jimmy tells Raphinia, "Mom was a drug casualty."
Raphinia: "Daddy was a prospector. Died drunk in Nevada, panning for gold." (0:37)

His radio producer tells DJ "The voice," "To give you some room in case this guy turns out to be hauling a truckload of cocaine." (0:41)

In a telephone conversation a police captain tells The Voice, "Got some info on the drug stuff with this Kowalski guy."
"His mother was a... crackhead... Kowalski got pinched for beatin' up the dealer..." (0:46)

Jimmy tells a girl who rides up on a motorcycle, "You must be insane."
Girl: "So who's crazy?" (1:03)

Jimmy is overcome with grief when Dr. Nazrin tells him Raphinia died. (1:25)

Police fire at Jimmy as he drives his car at high speed toward two bulldozers. Suicide? Suicide by cop?
... or did he escape? (1:27)

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