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Vanya on 42nd Street

Julianne Moore, George Gaynes, Brooke Smith, Larry Pine, Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, Madhur Jaffrey, Phoebe Brand, Lynn Cohen, Jerry Mayer
chloroform | morphine
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Director Andre tells a woman, “My mother, she was so difficult, and she was literally driving me so nuts.” (0:05)

Dr. Astrov tells Nanny, referring to a patient, “I’m going to start operating, and he dies, under the chloroform.” (0:07)

Sonya: “Uncle, it’s so depressing.” (0:19)

Vanya tells Prof. Serybryakov’s wife Yelena it is “Excellent weather for... suicide.” (0:20)

Yelena asks Vanya, “You’ve fallen into one of your moods again?”
Referring to Dr. Astrov: ”Nervous face.” (0:25)

Sonya’s father Prof. Serybryakov tells Yelena, “I am that sick egoist you all think me to be...”
”I’m ecstatic.” (0:32)

Yelena asks Vanya, “Are you drunk?”
Vanya tells Yelena he drinks ”Because it gives me the illusion that I might be alive.” (0:39)

Dr. Astrov asks Vanya, referring to Serybryakov, “Is he ill or shamming?”
“I’m drunk, too, and when I am this drunk I become arrogant and brazen...”
Sonya: “Uncle Vanya, you got drunk with the doctor again?” (0:43)

Astrov tells Sonya, “I’d suffocate with your father and his gout, and your uncle and his -- what is it, depression?”
”Oh, this one’s a psychopath...”
”Look at that, I’ve sobered up. Sober already, and I shall stay so...”
”You know, on lent I had a patient die under chloroform.” (0:48)

Yelena asks Astrov, “Are you out of your mind?” (1:18)

Vanya: “Am I out of my mind?”
”Am I losing my mind, Maman?” (1:25)

Serybryakov, referring to Vanya: “He’s gone mad.” (1:33)

Waffles tells Nanny, referring to the family, “They’ve had a bad trauma here.” (1:34)

Astrov asks Vanya, “If the mood for shooting struck you, why not shoot yourself?”
Vanya explains how it is that no one arrested him for attempting to murder Serybryakov: “Obviously, as I am regarded as insane. I am thought mad, but a man who... is not mad...”
”And you, you’re not mad. It’s the world that’s mad to put up with you.”
”Well, you see, I’m a madman, so I’m not responsible.”
Astrov: “Well, you’re not mad, you know... I used to think the foolish, the deranged, the irresponsible, are sick.”
”You took a large vial of morphine from my medicine case. If you’re intent on killing yourself, take your gun and go off into the woods... give back the drug...”
Addressing Sonya: ”Sophie, your uncle has filched a vial of morphine from me, and he won’t give it back.” (1:36)