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Venetian Bird

CastRichard Todd, Eva Bartok
Year released1952
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Private detective Edward Mercer: "You'd do better to pretend you’d lost your memory, Boldesca."
”All right, let's pretend you have lost your memory.” (0:09)

Gallery director Adriana Medova: "I can't help being worried."
Count Boria: ”Please don't worry. Soon our arrangements will be complete, and then you will have no more anxieties.” (0:17)

Chief of police Spadoni tells Mercer, "Well, decent people are entitled to a few illusions." (0:35)

Artist Renzo Uccello tells Adriana, referring to Edward Mercer, "Don't worry about him." (0:48)

Count Boria: "... Out of weakness and confusion we shall create discipline and strength." (1:02)

Ucello tells Lt. Longo, "You're nervous... It's easier if you're frightened or angry or drunk."
”Don't worry.” (1:07)

"Did he faint?" (1:09)

Mercer tells Spadoni, referring to Longo, "2 hours ago this man drugged me..." (1:12)

Spadoni asks Mercer, "Now, what else have you got to worry about?"
”If I hear that name again, I think I'll go mad.” (1:15)

Spadoni tells pensione operator Rosa Mellitus, "I'm not in the mood." (1:18)

Mercer tells undertaker Bernardo, "Don't worry." (1:20)

Adriana watches her husband fall to his death. (1:29)

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