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Venus in Fur

Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric
Lou Reed | Leopold von Sacher-Masoch | diazepam | Valium
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Playwright/director Thomas tells his fiancee Marie-Cécile by telephone, “I’ve seen 35 idiot actresses...” (0:02)

Thomas tells actress Vanda, “Maybe I can rustle up some Valium.”
Vanda: “It’s S&M.”
”S&Mers dressed like this.” (0:03)

Vanda asks Thomas, “The Lou Reed song?”
Thomas: “It’s based on the Austrian novel ‘Venus in Fur’ by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.”
Vanda: “It’s S&M porn.”
Thomas: “It’s not S&M porn.”
Vanda: “I know my sadomasochism.”
Thomas: “Masochism comes from Sacher-Masoch because of this book.”
Vanda: “Masochism, Masoch, I shoulda seen that. So S&M is named after the guy.” (0:09)

Thomas tells Vanda, “Stagecoach as a musical.”
”I’m only quoting Sacher-Masoch’s novel.” (0:13)

Thomas asks Vanda, “Is this upper class enough, or is it idiotic?” (0:22)

Vanda tells Thomas, referring to the coffee, “One sip, and she’s already hooked.” (0:24)

Vanda: “So actually this play is, like, all about child abuse.”
Thomas: “Are you crazy? What does child abuse have to do with it? This goddamn mania these days.”
Vanda: “Child abuse isn’t exactly stupid.” (0:28)

Vanda: “Vanda is Venus, or am I crazy?”
Thomas, referring to Dionysus: “After that the crazed women of Thebes... tear him to pieces.” (0:31) Vanda: “Thomas, the insight, especially about women.” (0:35)

Vanda: “He‘s a perve...” (0:40)

Thomas: “The joys of a repressed age.” (0:43)

Vanda: “And you happened to find them in an old S&M book.”
Thomas: “We no longer see this kind of rage.” (0:52)

With Thomas on the couch Vanda appears to assume the role of psychoanalyst. (0:54)

Vanda, referring to the book: “It’s S&M porn.”
”He gets spanked and suddenly he’s into S&M?”
Thomas: “It happened to Sacher-Masoch.”
Vanda: “By perversion.”
”Vanda is a sweet innocent who meets a total pervert.”
Thomas: “... idiot actress... idiot.” (0:58)

Vanda: “You’re a mad visionary, a fanatic.” (1:02)

Vanda: “Idiot.” (1:15)

Thomas, dressed as a woman, becomes Vanda, while Vanda becomes Thomas. (1:24)

Vanda as Severin tells Thomas as Vanda, “We no longer see this kind of rage.”
”You thought you could dupe some idiot actress...” (1:28)