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Veronika Voss

CastRosel Zech, Hilmar Thate, Cornelia Froboess, Annemarie Düringer, Doris Schade, Erik Schumann, Peter Berling, Gunther Kaufmann, Sonja Neudorfer
Year released1982
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Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss

In a movie, another character injects the arm of actress Veronika Voss’s character. (0:03)

Veronika tells sports reporter Robert Krohn, "It’s a dream role." (0:15)

A shop owner tells Veronika, "Your husband was so nervous about the air raids."
Veronika: ”I hope my husband’s not so nervous...” (0:16)

His coworker Grete tells Robert, referring to Veronika, "She had something going on with Goebbbels, I think."
Robert: ”Goebbels barred her from acting.”
Grete: ”Actors are stupid, dishonest and vain.”
Robert: ”Because they’re stupid, dishonest and vain.” (0:18)

Neurologist Dr. Marianne Katz’ assistant Josefa asks Robert, "Why didn't you say you weren’t a patient?" (0:23)

Kaatz tells Robert, "Miss Voss is one of my patients."
”I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.” (0:24)

His photographer girlfriend Henriette reads Robert’s poem: "Drained of memory..." (0:29)

Henriette tells Robert, "You’re driving me crazy." (0:31)

Her then husband, screenwriter Max Rehbein, tells Veronika, "Liquor and pills."
Veronika: ”Yes... liquor and pills, too.” (0:36)

Katz asks Veronika, "How many pills have you taken?"
”You think these pills help you, don’t you?”
“First you must cough up those pills, then I will give you a shot.” (0:44)

Robert asks Katz, "What kind of pain is it, psychosomatic or physical?"
Katz: ”With nervous disorders, it doesn’t make much difference.” (0:47)

Henriette tells Robert, "The woman’s crazy..." (0:52)

Shop-owner Jan Treibel tells Henriette, "My world is the world of dreams."
Jan: ”I see she keeps her vow of confidentiality.” (0:55)

Robert tells his managing editor Borsoy, "Don’t be so uptight."
Borsoy: ”Find out what’s really behind this psychiatric clinic.”
”How do I know why they put an actress in a mental institution?” (0:58)

Katz tells Veronika, "Men are just crazy about women addicts. You need a shot for your comeback?"
Veronika: ”I won’t need a shot... Maybe I’ll never need another shot or you either.”
Katz: ”It seems all my patients are deserting me today.” (1:04)

Max tells Robert, who appears intoxicated, referring to Veronika, "She’ll destroy you... because she’s an addict."
Max: “Do you think her health insurance pays for it, for morphine?” (1:12)

Josefa, referring to Robert: “Marianne, Marianne, he’s drunk.”
Katz: "Your mind’s confused, Mr. Krohn."
Katz: ”Morphine.”
Robert: ”Morphine.”
Katz: ”I’ll overlook it, Mr. Krohn, because your emotions are confused, but your mind is too. You should get informed about the use of opiates.” (1:14)

The Treibels appear dead.
The Treibels’ physician: "They often said they wanted to take the pills with tea and honey, because the pills are so bitter. They wanted to leave the world with a sweet taste..."
”Dr. Katz treated their nervous disorder...” (1:16)

Dr. Edel(?) tells Robert, referring to the Treibels, referring to their pain, "They attempt to alleviate it, and the suicide..."
Robert: “What treatment did he receive?”
Edel: ”The medical profession hasn’t much choice, unfortunately, morphine. Now and then, and alternative painkiller, usually an opiate, but mainly morphine... I’m responsible solely for the supervision of drugs.”
Robert: ”Isn’t it possible he was addicted, a morphine addict?”
Edel: ”All prescriptions for opiates land on my desk, otherwise anyone could set up his own drug ring...”
Henriette: ”You couldn’t protect the Treibels from sleeping pills?”
Edel: ”If people hoard medicine for years to commit suicide, there’s nothing wrong with the monitoring system...”
”For many patients, their doctor is the one person they trust the most...”
”... the relationship of trust between doctor and patient.” (1:17)

Katz tells Henriette, "I shouldn’t really prescribe morphine..." (1:23)

Henriette, by telephone: "Robert, I have the prescription... Morphine..." (1:25)

Robert tells a detective, referring to Henriette and Katz, "She had proof that she deals in morphine. Morphine... Morphine..."
Katz: ”A light sedative... Valerian, in other words... I prescribed it this evening... The man is suffering from shock.”
Detective: ”It’s been a great shock for you, Mr. Krohn.” (1:27)

Katz, referring to Veronika: "She’ll be... without any morphine, of course, but with plenty of pills." (1:31)

Veronika tells Katz, "I dreamt about our farewell party." (1:35)

Veronika tells a reporter, "... The dream factory, a factory in which dreams are made, not money... One can make dreams... just like that." (1:37)

Veronika takes pills. (1:42)

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