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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Chris Messina, Patricia Clarkson, Kevin Dunn, Zak Orth, Carrie Preston, Pablo Schreiber
Woody Allen
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Charles tells Cristina, "I'm actually a snorkeling nut." (0:05)

Mark asks his wife Judy, referring to painter Juan Antonio, "He had that fiery relationship with that beautiful woman who was nuts?" (0:07)

Cristina tells Juan Antonio, "I can't guarantee the lovemaking because I happen to be very moody."
Vicki tells Cristina, ”Well, you would, because you're a neurotic.” (0:11)

Narrator: "The question of sleeping together did not come up until that night, and Juan Antonio was a little drunk." (0:16)

Narrator: "... Vicki was anxious to get back to Barcelona, and in no mood to sightsee." (0:21)

Juan Antonio asks Vicky, "Why were you so nervous, speaking to him?"
Vicky: ” Was I nervous?”
”Would you ever withhold your work from the public out of rage?” (0:26)

Narrator: "Cristina, on the other hand, talked nervously." (0:31)

Juan Antonio tells Vicki, "To pursue matters would have only caused you anxiety, and for me, a disappointment." (0:39)

Freaky tells Juan Antonio, "I'm an idiot." (0:45)

Mark tells the others, referring to Juan Antonio's painting, "Just what we need, a Rorschach blot." (0:47)

Juan Antonio tells Cristina, referring to his ex-wife, "Maria Elena... she tried to kill herself." (0:48)

Juan Antonio asks Maria Elena, "Are you crazy, or what?" (0:50)

Juan Antonio tells Cristina, referring to Maria Elena, "... she overdosed in the bus terminal."
Cristina: ”Well maybe she needs psychiatric help.” (0:51)

Juan Antonio tells Maria Elena, "You always had paranoid ideas about every woman I've ever known."
Referring to Cristina: ”Well, she's quite intelligent...”
”Listen, why were you thinking about killing yourself?... I mean, try to kill yourself, for Christ's sake!”
Maria Elena: ”You've always liked my mood swings.”
”I see you so lost, so confused, since we split up.” (0:53)

Maria Elena tells Juan Antonio and Cristina, "I'm nervous today."
Juan Antonio tells Maria Elena, ”To say that I stole your style is delusional.”
”... you were drunk with a razor and raging.”
Maria Elena: ”I was crazy for you...” (0:57)

Vicki tells her friend Ben, "When I hear myself... it's just crazy." (1:02)

Judy tells Vicky, "I just made the same speech to my shrink."
Vicky: ”Well, what does your shrink say?” (1:09)

Vicki asks Cristina, "You weren't nervous?" (1:14)

Juan Antonio tells Maria Elena, "I devote all my time to you, pampering you, nursing your tics and phobias." (1:22)

Juan Antonio tells Vicky, "But you weren't nervous that night."
Juan Antonio tells Maria Elena, ”You're going to kill yourself.”
Vicky: ”You're both crazy... both of you are completely insane.” (1:29)