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James Woods, Sonja Smits, Deborah Harry, Peter Dvorsky, Leslie Carlson, Jack Creley, Lynne Gorman, Julie Khaner, Reiner Schwartz, David Bolt
Sigmund Freud
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Television executive Max Renn tells psychiatrist(?) Nicki Brand, “You know what Freud would have said about that dress.” (0:10)

Video technician Harlan tells Max, referring to a video, “It’s a real sicko... for perverts only.” (0:12)

Nicki tells a caller, “You’re going insane.” (0:13)

Nicki tell Max, referring to porno, “Gets me in the mood.” (0:14)

At Nicki’s request Max pokes needles through her earlobes. (0:16)

Nicki burns herself with a cigarette. (0:23)

Pornographer Masha asks Max, “Do you have a hangover?” (0:24)

Prof. Brian O’Blivion’s daughter Bianca O’Blivion tells Max, “You said some superficial things... violence, sex, imagination, catharsis.”
Max: “You think a few doses of TV are gonna help them?” (0:29)

To Max, television host Bridey appears to change into Nicki and back again, and he sees himself hit her. After Bridey leaves a video cassette appears to distort. (0:33)

On the videotape Prof. O’Blivion tells Max, “Your reality is already half video hallucination. If you’re not careful, it will become total hallucination.”
More hallucinations. (0:35)

Max tells Bianca, referring to the videotape, “It triggered off a series of hallucinations.”
”No, I’ve been hallucinating for a while.”
Bianca: “The tone of the hallucinations is determined by the tone of the tape’s imagery.”
”The signal induces a brain tumor in the viewer. It’s the tumor that creates the hallucinations.” (0:39)

Max asks Harlan, “Have you been hallucinating lately?” (0:42)

Max watches O’Blivion talking on video: “I think that massive doses of Videodrome signal will ultimately create a new outgrowth of the human brain, which will produce and control hallucination to the point that it will change human reality. After all, there is nothing real outside our perception of reality...”
Max hallucinate a wound opening in his abdomen and forces a pistol into it, leaving it inside. When he removes his hand, the wound closes. (0:43)

By video, Spectacular Optical chief of special programs Barry Convex tells Max, “It can be a giant hallucination machine and much, much more.” (0:47)

Convex tells Max, “I would like to use this machine to record one of your hallucinations now.”
Referring to test subjects, “They’re all in need of intensive psychiatric care.”
”... I think an analysis of one of your hallucinations would be the right place to start.”
”You might find yourself sliding in and out of a hallucinatory state after this is all over... I think that you’ll find that a little S & M will be necessary to trigger off a good, healthy series of hallucinations... effects of exposure to violence on the nervous system. It opens up receptors in the brain and the spine...”
”You don’t have to do anything now but hallucinate.” (0:49)

Harlan, seeing nothing where Max expected him to see the dead body of Masha, asks, “Max, are you in some kind of drug warp”
”I’m sorry if I freaked out on you.” (0:57)

Max tells Harlan and Barry, “I’ve gotta be hallucinating now, right?”
Barry: “Ah, we did record your hallucinations, Max...”
Max hallucinates, including command hallucinations: “Kill your partners...” (1:02)

Max hears Barry tell him, “Kill Bianca O’Blivion.” (1:08)

Max hallucinates. (1:16)

Max sees Nicki on television and tells her, “I don’t know where I am now.” (1:23)

Max appears to shoot himself in the head. (1:25, 1:26)