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Up at the Villa

Kristin Scott Thomas, Sean Penn, Anne Bancroft, James Fox, Jeremy Davies, Derek Jacobi, Massimo Ghini
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Mary tells Rowley, referring to her husband, “I loved my husband desperately, and he ended up killing himself with drink and gambling and left me with nothing apart from debts.”
”But in the end he was bankrupt and had no friends, except... the women he went with when he went out and got blind drunk.”
“I got there before he died.” (0:29)

Karl holds Edgar’s pistol. We hear a gunshot. Karl lies dead on the floor with blood on his chest having shot himself. (0:59)

Rowley asks Mary, referring to refugee violinist Karl, “Did he kill himself?”
Mary: “He killed himself.”
Rowley: ”You killed him. He killed himself. It doesn't matter.”
”He killed himself.” (1:01)

Princess tells the others, “If I played that badly I’d shoot myself.”
”Then he took out his gun and killed himself.” (1:14)

Rowley: “I wouldn't have killed myself.”
Mary: ”What you did trying to help me was just as crazy.” (1:16)

Princess: “Mary, did you mean to get me drunk? I’m absolutely sozzled.” (1:27)

Detective Beppino tells Mary, “The only other incident of note was a suicide.” (1:30)

Edgar tells Mary, “If I took it now I’d always be anxious something might be discovered.” (1:41)

Mary tells Princess, “And when I said I didn't want him again he shot himself dead.” (1:46)