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Emmanuelle Devos, Sandrine Kiberlain, Catherine Hiegel, Olivier Gourmet, Olivier Py, Jacques Bonaffe, Nathalie Richard, Stanley Weber, Jean Toscan, Frans Boyer, Nicole Colchat, Fabrizio Rongione
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Writer Maurice tells writer Violette, “You’re mad. Get yourself treatment.”
Violette: “I’m capable of killing myself!” (0:07)

Writer Simone tells Violette, “Put your obsessions in writing, and solutions will appear.” (0:50)

Writer Jean tells Violette, referring to businessman Jacques, “He's mad enough to collect manuscripts.”
Violette: “We won't be getting drunk.” (0:53)

Jean tells Violette, “Sartre is nuts about me, and she has you.” (0:57)

Jacques tells Violette, “We did behave like idiots. ” (1:09)

Violette tells her mother, “You depress me Violette.” (1:11)

The maid tells Violette, “You’re mad!” (1:14)

Violette tells writer Simone, “I'm a neurotic, crazy, washed up old bag.” (1:23)

Violette halllucinates deceased Maurice. (1:41)

Simone tells Jacques, referring to Violette, “She was given electroshocks despite my opposition.”
Jacques: “Violette’s treatment must be costly.” (1:43)

Her mother tells Violette, “Your friend, Mr. Guérin, often came by when you were in sleep therapy, always with a bouquet this big.” (1:48)

Violette tells Simone, “And I end up in a clinic, half mad and with no future, while you have all the success.” (1:55)

Simone tells Violette, “I buried my mommy yesterday.”
”I’m riddled with remorse.” (2:05)