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Viva la Libertà

Toni Servillo, Valerio Mastandrea, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Michela Cescon, Anna Bonaiuto
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His wife Anna tells politician Enrico’s assistant Andrea, referring to Enrico's philosopher brother Giovanni, “No, he’s out of the asylum.”
”I don’t know a thing about his youth, only the idiocies they put in the paper... the sudden craze for politics. Idiocies.” (0:17)

Enrico holds a book by Giovanni entitled “The Illusion of Living.” (0:21)

Andrea speaks into the intercom of a psychiatric hospital, referring to Giovanni, “I’m looking for information on a patient of yours...” (0:21)

Giovanni tells journalist Arrighi, “In the chamber, not one idiot knows he’s an idiot.” (0:27)

Anna tells Andrea, “But watch out, you’re putting the party in a madman’s hands.”
Andrea: “He might be crazy, but he has method.“ (0:29)

Movie director Mung asks Enrico, ”You suffer from depression, right?”
Mung tells the pharmacist, “Yes, he suffers from depression.”
Enrico faints. (0:32)

Giovanni holds a sample bottle of “Lemidal Lamotrigine.”
He swallows a capsule.
Andrea asks him, “Are you crazy?” (0:35)

Andrea reads a “medical certificate” from the asylum, referring to Giovanni: “Ernani shows no forms of delusions and will be released. It is essential to continue the therapy with Lemidal.” (0:37)

Enrico sees twins through a window. (0:44)

Giovanni brings Andrea to a dance therapy session at his hospital. (0:49)

Mung’s daughter Hélène lists for Enrico movies she has watched, “This week I saw E.T., Great Expectations, Avatar, and Last Tango in Paris.” (0:53)

The president of Italy tells Giovanni, “I see only who’s gone gaga...” (0:54)

Mung's script supervisor wife Danielle tells Enrico, “Yes, a little crazy.” (1:03)

Giovanni tells the audience, “Our words are confused.” (1:08)

Politician De Bellis tells Giovanni, “An imminent politician once told me about his experience with certain chemical substances. He said they were a formidable help and resolve certain personality disorders.”
Giovanni: “Would you propose an anti-doping test?” (1:11)

Enrico tells Danielle, referring to Giovanni, “In fact, I haven’t seen him for 25 years.” (1:19)

Enrico tells Andrea, “You preferred to gamble on a madman.” (1:29)

Note that Lemidal is a brand, not of lamotrigine, but of aripiprazole. Which would we more likely prescribe for Giovanni, for Enrico?