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The Wackness

Ben Kingsley, Josh Peck, Famke Janssen, Olivia Thirlby, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jane Adams, Method Man, Aaron Yoo, Talia Balsam, David Wohl
Kurt Cobain | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | alprazolam | Xanax | cocaine | diazepam | Valium | lithium | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methylphenidate | Ritalin | psylocybe | synthetic
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Luke in psychotherapy(?) session with psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Squires.
Squires, referring to Katey: “So she was drunk.”
Crazy Horse?”
Luke hands Squires two bags of marijuana.
Boundary problem?
Squires grabs his waterpipe.
Luke: “... buying weed from the same dude that deals to your daughter?”
Squires starts smoking as Luke leaves the office. (0:00)

Luke: “I met Dr. Squires in the spring of ‘94, first as a client, then as a patient... He told me the drug thing was a cry for help... I’m a drug dealer.”
Luke stashes large packages of marijuana. (0:03)

Luke deals. Customer Justin: “Shapiro, you always come through with the madness.”
Squires step-daughter Stephanie asks Luke, “You want some Ritalin?”
She snorts a line through a straw.” Cocaine or methylphenidate?
Stephanie: “I’m interning for one of Daddy’s patients.” (0:07)

Luke weighs and packages marijuana.
Luke deals in multiple locations. (0:13)

Luke: “Dr. Squires, can you, like, prescribe medicine and shit?”
”I think recently I’ve been depressed.”
Squires: “Has this got something to do with Kurt Cobain?”
Luke: “This is what you tell all your patients?”
”You’re not depressed Luke. You’re sad.”
Luke: “No, I’m depressed. I’m mad depressed, yo. So just give me some of those happy pills...” (0:13)

Stephanie tells Luke, referring to Squires, “Dude smokes more weed than I do.”
”But you should about some of the crazy people that come into that guy’s office.”
Luke: “There’s confidentiality and what not?”
”That’s crazy.”
”Don’t trip.”
Luke shows Stephanie the marijuana in his cart. (0:17)

Luke’s customer Union tells Luke, “We just ate mushrooms.”
”It was like... when Brandon and Emily Valentine take ecstasy.”
Stephanie: “Euphoria.”
”It’s called euphoria.”
Union’s friend Albert: “Euphoria. Euphoria. Euphoria.” (0:19)

Luke’s customer Eleanor tells Stephanie and Luke, smoking a joint, “... we don’t have anything to talk about unless we’re stoned, but if we’re stoned in bed, he’s...”
Eleanor tells Stephanie, ”You must have some insight into the mind of men...”
Luke: “Eleanor, you know, I could just sell you some weed...” (0:20)

Luke asks Stephanie if he should call her, “You mean, like, for weed?” (0:22)

Medicine cabinet: Prescriptions bottles labeled: “Xanax, Lithium, Valium.”
Squires takes some lithium. (0:25)

Luke in session:
Squires: “Luke, back when I went to school, drug dealers had no problem getting girls.”
Luke: “Did you ever want to kill yourself?”
Squires smokes his waterpipe. (0:26)

By telephone Squires invites Luke to join him for a drink. (0:30)

At the bar Squires tells Luke about “the drugs, the girls...” (0:30)

Union’s other friend rolls a large joint.
He tells Squires: “It’s a blunt.”
Squires tells Union, “... and that’s right when the acid kicked in.” (0:33)

Squires tells Luke, referring to people on the street, “These people are sick, mentally.”
”That’s why I don’t want you on medication, Luke...”
”Sex is a drug too... more powerful than any synthetic pharmaceutical.”
”Now break out that blunt.”
Luke: “This is a joint.”
Squires: “Joint...”
Forrest Gump, Luke.” (0:36)

Squires tells the cops, “Used to be you could lick a sheet of acid... Now, one blunt, we’re in the clink.” (0:38)

Stephanie’s T-shirt: “CRAZY ABOUT CALI” (0:39)

Luke tells Stephanie, “That water’s mad dirty.”
”Either way, you’re mad out of my league.”
Luke lights a joint, shares it with Stephanie. (0:41)

Squires tells Stephanie, referring to Luke, “He’s a drug dealer.”
Stephanie: ”Look, I’m really not in the mood of a father-daughter moment...”
Squires smokes a joint. (0:46)

Luke’s father: “What can I do, Luke, deal pot?” (0:47)

Luke in a session tells Squires, “So, I’ve been dealing a lot more lately.”
Squires: “... I guess you’ve chosen to be a hoodlum drug dealer...”
Luke: “And what about you, telling me not to take medication... metaphor... Don’t you feel like a... weird old idiot...?”
Squires: “... I’ll just charge you a dime bag.” (0:48)

Squires dumps his prescription bottles in the toilet (0:51)

Luke deals drugs. (0:51)

Squires tells his wife Kristen, “My last patient cancelled. Actually, he committed suicide yesterday.” (0:52)

Stephanie tells Luke, referring to coffee, “It’s like Ritalin.”
Luke: “I think that’s why I’m nervous...”
Stephanie: “You sober yet?” (0:59)

Kristen asks Squires, “Remember that coke that you found that we hid, from the ‘80s?” (1:01)

Luke, practicing: “I got mad love for you, Stephy.” (1:02)

Luke in session(?) with Squires: “You know anybody who could use some weed?” (1:11)

Luke tells Squires, “Number two, we sell weed by the gram, by the eighth, and by the ounce. Gram’s... the most potent.”
Luke shares a joint with Squires.
His patient, Oliver, tells Squires his mother is ”Still projecting.”
Squires: “Now how much marijuana can I get you today?” (1:12)

Squires does psychotherapy with Luke’s supplier while they share a blunt. (1:14)

Eleanor tells Luke, “... I need some grass.”
Referring to Squires: “He’s really out of his mind, right?”
Luke: “Total... lunatic.” (1:15)

By telephone, her friend Justin tells Stephanie, referring to Florence, “Oh, it was crazy, you, mad crazy.” (1:18)

Waterpipe on table in Squires’ apartment. (1:20)

Justin asks Luke, “Yo, you got any weed?” (1:22)

Squires divides lines of cocaine on a glass table then snorts it through a straw.
A sign around his dog’s neck reads, “PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME. MY OWNER KILLED HIMSELF.”
Luke asks Squires, “You’ve been doing all these drugs?”
Squires: ”Life, salvation, drugs...” (1:23)

Squires tells Luke, “Never trust anyone who doesn’t smoke pot or listen to Bob Dylan...”
”I tried to kill myself twice today -- once with pills. It turns out I have a very high tolerance for those.”
Squires swims out to sea to kill himself. (1:25)

Squires asks Luke, “You wanna go to the city to fill out my prescriptions?” (1:30)

Luke tells his grandmother, “Actually, I’m thinking about becoming a shrink.”
Luke’s grandfather: “Psychology.”
Luke: “I figure I’m an expert ‘cause everyone around me is so... crazy.” (1:33)