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The Wages of Fear

Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, Folco Lulli, Peter van Eyck, Vera Clouzot, William Tubbs, Darío Moreno, Jo Dest
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Gangster Jo tells bar owner Hernandez, referring to music from the radio, “It’s driving me crazy.” (0:20)

Funeral procession, burial. (0:22)

Worker Mario tells Jo, referring to his room mate Luigi, “He’s nuts.” (0:30)

Worker Hans, “You’d have to be crazy to let a job like that go by.”
Oil company boss Bill: “Who’s crazy?” (0:46)

Would be truck driver Bernardo tells Bill, “I’ll kill myself... I’ll kill myself! (0:47)

Barmaid Linda tells the others, referring to Bernardo, “He hanged himself outside.” (0:53)

Jo tells Mario, “You’re crazy.” (1:00)

Jo asks Mario, “Are you nuts?” (1:07)

His Luigi tells Mario, referring to Jo, “He’s drunk, or scared stiff.” (1:10)

Mario asks Jo, “Are you nuts?” (1:13)

Mario asks Jo, “Are you crazy?” (1:16)

Jo asks Mario, “Are you nuts?” (1:18)

Mario asks Jo, “Are you nuts?” (1:22)

Mario tells Jo, “It was suicide.” (1:29)

Jo: “It’s crazy”
Mario: “It was crazy taking this job.” (1:32)

Driver Bimba asks Luigi, “You crazy?” (1:44)

Mario tells Luigi, “You’re nuts.” (1:48)

Jo asks Mario, “Are you crazy?” (2:02)