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Wake of the Red Witch

John Wayne, Gail Russell, Gig Young, Adele Mara, Luther Adler, Eduard Franz, Grant Withers, Henry Daniell, Paul Fix, Dennis Hoey, Jeff Corey
Gail Russell | Gig Young
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First mate Sam as narrator, referring to ship captain Ralls: “Strange, sadistic and cold, his eyes seemed to hold some hidden story...” (0:03)

Crewman: “Loring’s been acting like he’s off his rocker, ain’t he?” (0:07)

Company agent Loring tells Ralls, “If I keep changing the orders around the crew will think I’m crazy.”
Ripper tells Loring, “You’re crazy.” (0:09)

Sam: “Ralls was in his cabin, in one of his black, strange moods.” (0:10)

Sam asks crewman Ripper, “Ralls is drunk, huh.” Pathological intoxication? (0:12)

Shipping company Batjak’s owner Mayrant’s brother-in-law Van Schreeven in court: “Capt. Ralls defense is based on the ship’s log and Mr. Loring’s on supposed insanity. Batjak... believes that Mr. Loring is sane and that the log’s entries are false.” (0:14)

A crewman tells ship’s captain Wilde, referring to a whipping, “The boy has fainted sir.” (0:32)

Ralls: episode of pathological intoxication. (0:54)

Wilde tells a crewman, referring to Ralls, “Let him, the drunken fool.” (0:55)

Commissar Jacques’ daughter Angelique realizes her father has been killed. (1:10)

Ship owner Mayrant tells Sam, referring to Ralls, “The reason was hate, insane and bitter.” (1:11)

Angelique dies in Ralls’ arms. (1:20)

Mayrant describes the others as “babbling like a lot of idiots.” (1:33)

The others grieve the death of Ralls. (1:46)