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Walking Tall

Joe Don Baker, Noah Beery Jr., Elizabeth Hartman, Gene Evans, Brenda Benet, John Brascia, Bruce Glover, Arch Johnson, Rosemary Murphy
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Retired wrestler Buford Pusser asks his high school football teammate, "Are you crazy, Lutie."
Lutie: ”Well, a man would have to be crazy to give up all them far away places with them strange sounding dames.” (0:09)

Lutie tells Buford, "You can lay a bet or broad or a base for three day drunk." (0:11)

Lutie tells Buford, "Don’t worry." (0:16)

Sheriff Al Thurman tells Dr. Lamar Stivers, referring to Buford, "Pretty obvious he was all liquored-up. That drunk, huh, doc?" (0:23)

Thurman asks Buford, "Crazy Lutie McVeigh?" (0:25)

A man tells Sheriff Buford and Deputy Obra Eakder, "I got drunk, and I made a fool out of myself." (1:11)

Buford tells Judge Clarke "... what got to worry about, your honor, is what part of this I can use against you." (1:13)

Stivers injects Buford with "... something to make you relax..." (1:19)

Buford’s wife Pauline tells Deputy Grady Coker, "... he works himself up into that rage."
”It’s a kind of madness.”
Coker: ”Well, maybe that’s going to be what’s required, a kind of madness to clean out that snake pit...” (1:22)

Prostitute Luan Paxton tells Buford, "My husband would have been an ex-, but he didn’t live through Vietnam...” (1:33)

Buford realizes they have killed Pauline. (1:48)

Funeral for Pauline (1:54)

Reference in The Rules of Attraction