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Ward No. 6

Vladimir Ilin, Aleksey Vertkov, Yevgeni Stychkin
Eugen Bleuler | potassium bromide
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Series of interviews of psychiatric hospital patients. (0:00)

Patients loiter in the hospital court yard. Psychiatrist Khobotov explains: "Schizophrenia is the most widespread psychiatric disease. The name was suggested by German doctor Bleiler [sic]... The Greek 'schizo' means 'to split' and 'phren', is "mind." Incidentally the borderline between psychotic and normal people is pretty illusory. It would be correct to say all of us have mental disorders..."
Inteviewer: "How do you diagnose it?"
Khobotov: "... a schizophrenic has the smell of rancid oil and almond." (0:09)

Khobotov introduces patient Igor. The camera pans around the day room filled with patients. A nurse says of Igor, "He hears voices." Patient Alex says, "My neighbors irradiate me... [with] a special device." (0:11)

A nurse tells us about patient "Pankratov... said he had killed John Lennon on orders form Yuri Andropov... hears voices..."
Pankratov: "The voices are good... both male and female"
Khobotov: "Acute Schizophrenia"
Khobotov: "Patient Ivan Gromov... persecution mania... Dr. Ragin believed him to be a prophet. How is Ragin now?"
The nurse: "No change"
Gromov: "He's the former chief doctor?"
Khobotov: "Yes" (0:13)

A nurse asks Dr. Ragin to go to the dining room. (0:15)

The chief psychiatrist preceding Ragin provides some history of the hospital and Ragin (0:17)

Ragin's friend postmaster Mikhail tells Khobotov, "I was the only person in town whose company didn't depress Dr. Ragin." (0:20)

Mikhail tells of hinting to Ragin to stop drinking, telling him of a man who "... completely recovered after going on the wagon." He tells us Dr. Khobotov advised Ragin "to take potassium bromide." (0:42)

Khobotov administers a mental status examination to Dr. Ragin during a meeting with other staff. (0:43)

Ragin tells Mikhail, "It has taken me 20 years to find one intelligent man in town, and he is insane." (0:54)

Khobotov and Ragin enter ward 6. Khobotov leaves. Assistant Nikita shows Ragin a bed. (0:58)

Dr. Ragin restrained in his bed. (1:08)