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On the Waterfront

Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Steiger, Pat Henning, Leif Erickson, James Westerfield, Tony Galento, Ben Wagner
Rod Steiger | Richard Harris
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Grieving the death of her dock worker brother Joey, Edie tells Father Barry. “Father, my brother’s dead...” (0:05)

Dockworker Terry tells young Tommy, referring to pigeons, “Boy, they sure got it made, huh, eatin’, sleepin’, flyin’ around like crazy...” (0:11)

Edie tells Terry, “Everybody loved Joey, from little kids to old rummies.”
Terry: “He’s drunk... He’s just a juicehead that hangs around the neighborhood.”
”The crickets make me nervous.” (0:27)

Terry tells Edie, “You’re drivin’ yourself nuts. You’re drivin’ me nuts.” (0:47)

Mob boss Johnny tells his henchman, Terry’s brother Charley, referring to Terry, “That’s what we get for getting mixed up with this punch-drunk brother of yours.” (0:49)

Terry tells Edie, referring to his pigeons, “Yeah, they’re nervous.” (0:58)

Terry tells Father Barry, “That stuff can drive you nuts.” (1:01)

Charley tells Johnny, referring to Terry, “I mean maybe the boy is out of line, but he’s just a confused kid.” (1:09)

Terry cries with grief when he finds Charley hanging from a stevedore’s hook, shot dead. (1:20)