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Kelvin Harrison Jr., Lucas Hedges, Taylor Russell McKenzie, Alexa Demie, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Sterling K. Brown, Clifton Collins Jr., Vivi Pineda, Krisha Fairchild
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | marijuana | oxycodone-acetaminophen
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His father Ronald tells high school senior Tyler Williams, "Ain’t nothing to worry about here." (0:09)

Prescription bottle: "oxycodone-acetaminophen" (0:13)

Text from Tyler’s girlfriend Alexis Lopez: "I’m worried." (0:16)

Ronald asks, "Hey, you didn’t take any of my pain pills, did you?" (0:18)

Alexis tells Tyler, "I’m not really in the mood right now." (0:32)

Police officer in waiting room of abortion clinic: "Look, these people out here are crazy, man... please, do not go out here and mess with these crazy women." (0:35)

Alexis tells Tyler, "I’m just confused." (0:37)

Tyler smokes a joint. (0:41)

Tyler texts Alexis: "... I shouldn't have freaked out..." (0:46)

Tyler rages. (0:49)

Tyler insufflates an unidentified drug. (0:51)

Alexis tells another girl, "Don’t worry about your braces." (0:53)

Tyler tells Ronald and Ronald’s wife Catherine, "My real mom is dead."
Ronald: ”You’re drunk.”
Tyler: ”Yeah, I’m... drunk.” (0:54)

Alexis tells Tyler, referring to her friend Frankie, "He’s... gay, you idiot."
Tyler knocks Alexis unconscious with a blow to the head, but when she doesn’t respond, he realizes he may have killed her. (1:03)

By telephone, Emily tells Tyler’s wrestling teammate Luke, "I’m nervous now." (1:26)

Emily and Luke share a joint. (1:30)

Catherine tells Ronald, "I’m grieving... Can I grieve in my way, please?" (1:35)

Luke tells Emily, referring to his mom, "She drives me crazy, but she’s the best."
Referring to his father..: ”Um, well, when I was a kid, he was just drunk and on drugs a lot.”
”He’s not in my life.”
Emily, referring to her biological mother: ”She overdosed.” (1:37)

Luke tells Emily, referring to a drug, "It’s X." (1:39)

Emily tells Luke, "Don’t worry." (1:43)

Ronald tells Emily, "I worry about you."
Emily: ”Dad, you don’t need to worry about me.”
”It’s just so crazy...” (1:44)

Ronald texts Emily, "... very worried..." (1:58)

Emily texts Ronald, "Just don’t worry." (2:02)

Luke grieves the death of his father. (2:03)

Alexis’ parents visit her grave in a cemetery. (2:05)