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The Way

Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Deborah Kara Unger, Yorick van Wageningen, James Nesbitt, Romy Baskerville, Renée Estevez, David Alexanian, Tchéky Karyo, Spencer Garrett, Antonio Gil-Martinez, Carlos Leal, Simón Andreu, Santi Prego
marijuana | Ambien | zolpidem | crack cocaine | tobacco | tobacco-marijuana | hashish | Nick Drake
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A golfer tells the others, “Looks like malpractice to me boys.” (0:02)

Ophthalmologist Tom learns that a storm killed his son Daniel. (0:03)

Pilgrim Joost smokes a joint. The innkeeper tells him, “No drugs here.”
Tom: ”What does she mean, drugs?”
Joost: “Just a little tobacco booster, yeah, to help us sleep.”
Ambien, ear plugs.” (0:26)

Canadian pilgrim Sarah tells Tom, “The end of the Camino is the end of my addiction.”
Tom: ”Spoken like a true addict.” (0:36)

Sarah tells Tom, referring to the other pilgrims, “I want to get out of here while they’re still sleeping off their hangover.” (0:38)

Tom tells Joost, “Like the other crazy men.” (0:44)

Sarah asks Joost, “Got any drugs?”
Tom: “You folks mind doing this drug deal while we walk?”
Joost: “I got some Ambien...” (0:45)

Joost shares his joint with another pilgrim as they walk. (0:49)

Pilgrim Jack from Ireland tells the other he has “Writer’s block."
“Writer’s block.” (0:54)

Joost lights a joint, offers it to Jack. “I hear it’s good for writer’s block.” (0:56)

Sarah tells Jack and Joost, referring to Tom, “He’s in a bad mood.”
Joost: “He’s been in a bad mood ever since I met him.” (1:00)

Joost smokes a joint. (1:06)

Sarah tells Tom about her abortion. “Sometimes I hear her voice, my baby. I know it sounds crazy ‘cause she never got to take her first breath...” Hallucination? (1:11)

Sarah tells Tom, “Glad you became an eye doc instead of a headshrinker.” (1:13)

Tom, drunk, tells Joost, “Or maybe you smoked so much hash and popped so many pills you can’t remember anything you say or do anymore.” (1:16)

visions Tom tells the others, “I don’t really remember very much.” (1:19)

Nick Drake sings Pink Moon

Jack tells Tom, “You can’t just introduce some crazy, drunk American into the art without giving him purpose.”
Tom: “‘Crazy drunk American.’ Thanks.” (1:21)

Jack dictates, “Pilgrims queuing up to bear witness to the anxious state of a writer... who has lost his way.” (1:35)

Tom asks Jack, “End of your writer’s block?” (1:42)

Tom spreads the rest of Daniel’s ashes in the waves. (1:56)

Through the film Tom sees visions of Daniel.