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The Way We Were

CastBarbra Streisand, Robert Redford, Bradford Dillman, Murray Hamilton, Viveca Lindfors, Lois Chiles, Herb Edelman, Patrick O'Neal, Susan Blakely, James Woods
Year released1973
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Theater marquee: “Go West, CounterAttack” (0:00)

Student activist Katie addresses her audience: “Hitler and Mussolini are using the Spanish earth as testing ground...” (0:10)

Navy officer Hubbell tells radio worker Katie, “You still think a varsity letter stands for moron, huh?” (0:39)

Hubbell tells Katie, “Stalin’s for Hitler. Stalin’s against Hitler.” (0:44)

Katie tells Hubbell, “I got caught up at the studio and then Billy was in one of his bad moods...” (0:54)

Hubbell’s navy officer friend J.J., referring to Hollywood: “Katie, lots of good writers went there. Fitzgerald...” (0:59)

J.J. tells Hubbell, “There’s some sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet.” (1:09)

Katie tells Hubbell, ”I hope this doesn’t make me drunk.” (1:09)

Billboard: The Best Years of Our Lives (1:15)

Paula tells the others, “In 1937 in Munich, Hitler was a joke too.” (1:16)

Katie tells Hubbell, “I think your director’s an idiot.” (1:17)

Director Bissinger tells Hubbell, “The point’s better made by those insane dancers in red, white and blue.” (1:18)

Paula: “Fortunately, I have a memory for Molnar.”
Another guest: “Every time he gets drunk, he shows up at 3 o’clock in the morning...”

Bissinger tells a reporter, “They could have denied everything and confused everyone, as others did.” (1:32)

Hubbell tells Katie, referring to Paula, “The only picture she hasn’t knocked is Potemken.” (1:41)

Hubbell tells Katie, referring to television shows, “They shoot it all in one day, live, on the air, everybody running around in a constant state of panic.”
”And craziness! My God, what craziness!” (1:53)

Reference in Boys On the Side

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