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CastAbbie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough, Oscar Isaac, Richard Coyle, James D'Arcy
Year released2011
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Woman, referring to Wallis Simpson: "... she would spark a constitutional crisis..." (0:00)

Her husband physically abuses Wallis, striking her in the head. (0:03)

A woman tells psychiatrist Dr. William Winthrop, "You could easily make a fortune as a shrink, treating the problems of the rich and the shameless..." (0:05)

William’s wife Wally tells her friend Arabella, referring to William, "He never wants to leave his patients." (0:06)

Wally asks William, "Is that your new girlfriend?" (0:07)

Wally injects herself... (0:11, 0:29)

William tells Wally, "... They were Nazis or at least Nazi sympathizers... They went to Germany in the ‘30s, met with Hitler.." (0:11)

Wallis asks her husband Ernest, "Are you out of your mind?" 
Wallis insufflates. (0:14)

Her former coworker and friend Tenten tells Wally, "I need a distraction." (0:19)

Wallis tells Wally, "... I knew my husband would feel proud of me." (0:21)

Wally tells William, "I was worried." 
William: ”You were worried?” (0:23)

Edward tells Wallis, "Don’t worry, darling..." (0:44)

Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin tells Queen Mary, referring to King Edward VIII, "... it seems the worse he behaves, the more he is loved." (0:44)

Wally tells security guard Evgeny, referring to her mother and Wallis, "She and my grandmother were obsessed with her." (0:47)

Wally rages. (0:49)

King George VI stutters. (0:50)

Wallis tells Edward, "You’re delusional." (0:51)

A man tells Queen Mary and Elizabeth, referring to Edward, "David has always had the most atrocious judgment." (0:52)

George VI stutters. (0:53)

Evgeni tells security guard Dwayne, "Don’t worry..." (0:54)

Reporterd: "King George III has died, and the nation mourns..." 
Newsreel footage of funeral procession. (0:57)

Evgeny calls Wally "Coward." (1:01)

Edward answers Wallis, while lacing cocktails with pills: "Benzedrine." (1:01)

Wally tells Evgeny, referring to William, "He’s a King George III has died..." (1:04)

Tenten mouths to Wally, "You’re crazy." (1:07)

Wally tells William, "You’re drunk." 
”If you’re having an affair, just tell me...” 
Wally slaps William in the face.
William slaps Wally in the face. (1:09)

Reporter: "... London is tense with excitement... From the House of Commons comes the word that shocks the Empire..." (1:15)

Reporter: "From the House of Commons comes the word that shocks the empire..." (1:23)

Evgeny tells Wally, referring to his wife, "She died three years ago." (1:25)

Wallis’ voice: "The brain trying continuously to rationalize..." (1:29)

Wallis writes a letter to Ernest, "Darling, I know this can’t come as a complete shock..." (1:31)

By telephone, Wally tells Tenten, "I know it sounds crazy..." (1:34)

George VI tells Elizabeth, "Churchill dined with Stalin..." (1:37)

Wally dreams that Wallis slaps her in the face. (1:39)

Wallis writes a letter to Aunt Bessie: "The Duke remains despondent by the behavior of his family, the constant whisperings that we supported Hitler and his diabolical behavior are preposterous... he’s often inconsolable... you can’t help but be depressed by it all... " (1:44)

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