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We Don't Live Here Anymore

Mark Ruffalo, Laura Dern, Peter Krause, Naomi Watts, Haili Page
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Jack tells his wife Terry, "You're drunk..." (0:05)

Terry's friend Edith asks Jack, "Impotent As You Are?" (0:19)

Edith's husband Hank asks his friend Jack, referring to smoking, "I take it you quit?" (0:23)

Jack tells Hank, "A man should be able to live idly with himself for a couple of months without losing his mind." (0:26)

Terry tells Jack, "I was crazy the other night."
”I shouldn't have gotten drunk.” (0:32)

Hank tells his students, "This is traumatic... It's very depressing.." (0:39)

By telephone, Hank asks his literary agent, "Who's depressed? I'm not depressed." (0:43)

Terry tells Jack, "Yeah, My heroin habit’s getting expensive." (0:44)

Jack tells Edith, referring to the zoo, "Ah, that's a depressing place."
”I told you, it's a depressing place.” (0:46)

Edith tells Jack, referring to Hank, "... But he wouldn't go to a marriage counselor."
”... you're talking about a marriage counselor?”(0:48)

Terry tells Hank, "You want important, go work in a cancer ward with people are puking from chemo, or teach math to a kid who’s brain damaged from fetal alcohol syndrome." Jack tells Terry, "... Do not give me your half-assed insights Into the soul of a man you've never understood. Your insights suck."
Terry: ”My half-assed insights... ?... you're a pervert.” (1:05)

Terry tells Jack, "If you... turned drunk... and lost everything, I'd love you..." (1:16)