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The Weather Man

Nicolas Cage, Hope Davis, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Caine
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The weatherman, David, desperately wants his overachieving father's approval and for his own dysfunctional family to work, seemingly out of caring for the kids rather than to win their mother back. He stumbles frequently but does not give up. We can only guess about the family he grew up in, except that his father, even before diagnosis of a terminal cancer, seems unable to connect. His mother seems to barely exist in his life. Triangle? I do not recall hearing the word "love" between any two family members in the entire film. But David comes through for his daughter (buying her clothes) and son ("taking care of" the pedophile recovery counselor) in ways we cannot imagine of his own father, and the kids appear to know he loves them. In the end he starts to gain self-acceptance.

When Don, Mike's counselor from rehab, pays for his purchase of a sweater at a department store (0:13) he starts a series of boundary transgressions. Don buys him a theater ticket (0:22). Mike comes to Don's home for dinner where he serves him beer and photographs him with his shirt off, then offers to loan him money for a new camera (0:40). Ultimately we learn that Don has attempted to sexually abuse Mike.

David and his ex attend a multiple family therapy session (0:31).

A living funeral is held for David's father (1:09).