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We're the Millers

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts, Ed Helms, Nick Offerman, Kathryn Hahn, Molly C. Quinn, Tomer Sisley, Matthew Willig
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | marijuana | methamphetamine
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Drug dealer David accesses his drug stash. (0:01)

David’s former college classmate Rick tells David, “We all took ecstasy with Dave Matthews one time, and I tried to kiss you.”
”You still dealing weed?”
Rick, by telephone: “We’re gonna get high... tonight.” (0:02)

Stripper Rose tells David, “Well, maybe you shouldn’t loan drugs to people.”
”You’re a drug dealer...” (0:06)

David's 18-year-old neighbor Kenny tells thugs, referring to David, “He’s a drug dealer.” (0:08)

Drug lord Brad tells David, “Ya idiot.”
”I did not mean to freak you out.”
”We’re not just selling lids out of my dorm room...”
”I have a smidge of very choice marijuana down in Mexico... You could be my mule.” (0:11)

Kenny tells David, “So now you’re gonna become an even bigger drug dealer?”
David: ”Drug smuggler, Kenny.”
“You look like a total drug dealer.”
David: “Oh, there’s no drugs in here.” (0:13)

David tells Rose, “And that RV has a little bit of pot in it.”
Rose: “Drug dealing?”
David: ”It’s not drug dealing.”
Rose”Are you out of your mind?”
David: “Like Pretty Woman.”
Rose: ”Pretty Woman was a prostitute.” (0:15)

David tells Kenny, “You and me traveling in a van alone is gonna look like pervert olympics.” (0:16)

Thief Casey tells Kenny, “And if we get caught, I’ll say you drugged and kidnapped me.” (0:17)

David tells Casey, “I mean, I rented Precious on Netflix about 8 months ago...”
”You look Like M&M from 8 Mile.” (0:19)

David tells hairdresser Leslie, “Give me something that says... until I get up the courage to put a shotgun in my mouth.” (0:20)

David tells the others, “No drugs for anyone.” (0:26)

Rose asks David, “What is this, a meth lab?”
David, referring to a guard: “I think that guy was in La Bamba.”
“It’s like a cute little drug dealing community.” (0:27)

David tells drug henchman One-Eye, “Alright, big fellow, where’s this smidge of weed everyone’s talking about?”
Tons of marijuana in stacks.
Rose: “Because all we’re doing is smuggling two metric tons of marijuana...”
David: “Kenny, watch the pot.” (0:29)

By telephone David tells Brad, “You said a smidge of Pot.”
”You’ve got me moving enough weed to kill Willy... Nelson...”
Brad: “See you soon, my little drug mule.” (0:30)

David tells Kenny, “You know this gay panic situation you’re having right now is coming across a little homophobic.”
Kenny, “Look, I’m homophobic ‘cause I don’t want...”
David: “That’s exactly what homophobic means.” (0:35)

Border agent: “I got a joint here.”
David: “He has a joint.” (0:38)

Rose: “Oh my god, I feel like a... idiot.” (0:39)

David: “We are all officially international drug smugglers.” (0:41)

Rose tells David, “I’m not going to stand on the side of the road next to an RV filled with pot.” (0:45)

Rose tells Casey, referring to David, “He drives me crazy.”
Casey: “He’s an idiot.”
Rose: “No, he’s not an idiot.” (0:45)

Don tells the others, “I’m in the DEA.” (0:50)

Casey asks, referring to Don, “He’s a narc?”
Rose: “Stop panicking.” (0:51)

Don, referring to his wife Edith: “You should have seen her at the end of Free Willy.” (0:54)

David asks Rose, “Who do you think I am... Scarface?” (0:54)

David asks Kenny, “Look, do you want to know something... that kept me from getting nervous around girls?”
”You’ll just drive yourself crazy.” (0:59)

Rose tells David, “You’re a... idiot.” (1:03)

Casey tells Kenny, “Redheads. They’re crazy.” (1:07)

Rose tells David, “I thought you said we were picking up drugs for Pablo Chacon.”
David tells drug kingpin Pablo, “You put that... in one of the bags of pot.”
”I’m just a small time... drug dealer. I sell dimebags.” (1:10)

David tells Brad, “Otherwise, I’m gonna turn around and give this smidge of pot back to Chacon...” (1:17)

Casey asks David, “Are you crazy?” (1:19)

Rose: “David, look what happens to you when you start running around like a crazy person.”
David: “If you think I’m gonna lose a half million dollar payday... then you’re out of your... mind.” (1:26)

Kenny tells Edith and her daughter Melissa, “David hired us to help him smuggle drugs across the border.”
Melissa: “You’re drug dealers?”
David: “No. No, we’re drug smugglers.”
Don: “No, drug smuggling, David?”
Rose tells Pablo, “You have your drugs...”
Pablo: “You take my drugs... You are the worst family I’ve ever met.”
David: “I’m the drug dealer here.” (1:34)

Marijuana stacked in his office, Brad tells David, “I’ve got two tons of premium weed...”
DEA agents break in. (1:40)

Marijuana plants growing in the Miller’s yard. (1:43)

Casey's friend Scottie: “I’m terrified of blood...” (1:44)

Edith: “This is crazy.” (1:44)