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We're No Angels

Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, Peter Ustinov, Joan Bennett, Basil Rathbone, Leo G. Carroll, John Baer, Gloria Talbott, Lea Penman, John Smith
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Escaped convict Albert tells escaped convict Jules, referring to Albert’s snake, “You’ll make him nervous, Jules.”
Jules: “I make him nervous?” (0:04)

Shopkeeper Felix tells his wife Amelie, “I wish I was a drunkard... I wish I was a dead drunkard.” (0:20)

After reading a letter from Paul, Felix and Amelie’s Isabelle swoons. Albert tells Joseph and Jules, “I read somewhere once when a lady faints you should loosen her clothing.” When she awakens and sees Albert she swoons again. (0:21)

Albert tells Jules, “But you’re supposed to when a girl faints.” (0:24)

Albert asks Amelie, “We make you nervous?”
Amelie tells Albert and Jules, “But to sell silver and look after fainting girls...” (0:25)

Isabelle faints after Albert shows her his snake. (0:28)

Escaped convict Joseph tells Felix, “Nervous stomach.” (0:34)

Isabelle tells Albert, “I’m going to kill myself.” (0:35)

Andre complains to Felix that he spent “Eight hours trying to convince an idiotic witch doctor that I’ve never been exposed to the bubonic plague.” (0:51)

Felix asks Joseph, “Have you gone crazy?” (0:58)

Joseph asks Andre, “You a little nervous maybe?”
”I’m a maniac.” (1:09)

Joseph tells Jules, referring to Andre, “At the end of the year he’ll be bankrupt and blow his brains out.” (1:12)

Albert, referring to Isabelle: “She’s fainted.” (1:42)

We're No Angels (1989)