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What Dreams May Come

Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., Annabella Sciorra, Max von Sydow, Jessica Brooks Grant, Josh Paddock, Rosalind Chao, Lucinda Jenney, Maggie McCarthy, Wilma Bonet, Matt Salinger, Carin Sprague, June Carryl, Paul P. Card IV, Werner Herzog
Robin Williams
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Doctor Chris, referring to his wife and children: "That was the last time Annie and I saw them alive."
Memorial service for Ian and Marie. (0:06)

Annie grieves loss of Chris at wake. (0:14)

Memorial service for Chris. (0:17)

Annie: "Dear Diary, I'm writing in your bullsh*t pages because my shrink is crazier than I am. He thinks you're therapy... He thinks he pulled me through the breakdown when it was only Christy... Paintings were his obsession." (0:20)

Chris and Albert in the cemetery. Annie grieves at Chris's grave. (0:23)

Albert tells Chris, "Physical is the illusion." (0:33)

Annie: "They sort of push you into it so that you can get it done before your shrink commits you... Another week he might commit me for my own safety." (0:51)

Albert tells Chris, "Annie's dead. She killed herself."
"She's a suicide. Suicides go somewhere else."
Chris: "The reality is suicides go to hell?"
Albert: "No, suicides are different. Suicides don't go to hell because they're immoral or selfish."
Chris: "How can you say all suicides are the same?"
Albert: "... and no one has ever seen a suicide brought back." (0:54)

The tracker tells Chris, referring to Annie, "Nothing will break her denial."
Chris: "You were a shrink." (0:59)

Chris tells the tracker, "Damn shrinks." (1:11)

Chris sees a scar on Annie's wrist.
Annie: "Why didn't you go crazy?" (1:14)

The tracker tells Chris, "It's an illusion... her illusion. Suicides can get pretty tortured, really committed to punishing themselves... You're a competitor with a big ego."
The tracker: "Psychiatry." (1:20)

Chris tells Annie, "My wife committed suicide after our children died." (1:26)

Chris tells Annie, "and she said you were crazy..."
Annie: "But she still killed herself." (1:29)