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What Happened, Miss Simone?

Nina Simone, Ilyasah Shabazz, Dick Gregory, Walter Kronkite, Andrew Stroud, Lisa Kelly, Gerrit De Bruin, Al Schackman
Nina Simone | perphenazine | Trilafon
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Her husband/manager Andy, referring to singer Nina Simone: “She'd get into moods of depression...”
Nina’s journal: “Must take sleeping pills to sleep...” (0:34)

Nina: “I said, ‘You're insane.’” (0:37)

Nina diary, “... so many days of depression.” (0:38)

Nina’s daughter Lisa, referring to her parents: ”I think they were both nuts.” (0:39)

Nina: “First you get depressed...” (0:40)

Nina: “and just drive them insane.” (0:51)

Andy: “She was very concerned in her sane moments about these fits of depression and anger. We even went to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, signed her in for four or five days.”
Nina’s journal: “Andrew and I talked of my possible suicide...”
Andy: “It appeared she was having a nervous breakdown... when she goes into a maniacal rage.” (1:07)

Ambassador Attallah Shabazz: “People sacrificed sanity, well-being, life.” (1:10)

Nina’s daughter Lisa: “Times got really bad to the point I thought about committing suicide.” (1:19)

Andy: “Everything went crazy.” (1:19)

Gerrit de Bruin: “Somebody looked her in the eyes a bit too long, and she was already a bit nervous...” (1:28)

Al Shackman: “... and Gerrit had a friend, a doctor... and he prescribed a medication... called Trilafon.” (1:28)

LIsa: “It wasn't 'til I was in my 20s... That’s when I learned the term ‘manic depressive’ and ‘bipolar...’ and her mood swings...” (1:29)

Lisa: “When I saw her... she had a nervous tic... and they had her on medication.”
Shackman: ”She started taking the Trilafon... but the Trilafon really helped.“ (1:30)