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What Lies Beneath

Harrison Ford as Dr. Norman Spencer Michelle Pfeiffer as Claire Spencer Diana Scarwid as Jody Miranda Otto as Mary Feur James Remar as Warren Feur Katharine Towne as Caitlin Spencer Ray Baker as Dr. Stan Powell Joe Morton as Dr. Drayton Amber Valletta as Madison Elizabeth Frank Wendy Crewson as Elena
diazepam | Valium | fluoxetine | Prozac | lithium
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Genetics researcher Dr. Norman Spencer tells his wife Claire, referring to their neighbors Mary and Warren Feur, “Psych department. Figures. They’re all nuts. (0:04)

Norman tells Claire, “I’ll call Harvey Tomes tomorrow in the psych department.” (0:15)

Her friend Jody tells Claire, “I’d be trippin’.”
”Big stress stuff.”
Referring to tea, ”It soothes heartache and promotes psychic wellness.” (0:17)

Male laboratory worker, referring to a yellow liquid: “... right now we’re using halothane.”
Woman lab worker: “Halothane? Is that a sedative?”
Male: “It’s a dissociative agent.” (0:24)

Claire mimics what Norman might say to the police: “Could you check in on my wife? She’s hearing voices.” (0:25)

His friend Stan tells Norman, referring to cardiology head Beau Flynn, “... some stalking incident with an intern...”
”He went nuts.”
”Claire’s hearing things.” (0:34)

Claire sees a woman’s face, but when she looks again she sees nobody.” (0:40)

Claire tells psychiatrist Dr. Drayton, “I’m sure he’s hoping you’ll pack me full of Prozac or lithium or something...”
Drayton: “And are you on medication?”
”Well, Valium... for sleeping.”
Drayton: “Having trouble sleeping?”
Claire: “Sometimes, um, when I get anxious.”
Drayton: “Do you get anxious only at night?”
Claire: “No, I only take Valium at night.”
Drayton: “Why do you get anxious?”
”Besides, most people when they come here for the first time, part of them is wondering if I think they’re crazy... I am required to have at least three sessions before I can commit.” (0:41)

Claire tells Jody, “This whole thing is insane.” (0:44)

Claire tells Norman, referring to Warren and Mary, “He killed her, and I’m not crazy.” (0:51)

Claire tells Norman, “Maybe I am losing my mind.” (0:52)

Claire in psychotherapy session with Drayton.
Claire, referring to Norman: “I mean, sure, he can be obsessed with his work...”
”I have had some kind of empty nest episode where I saw some things that weren’t there.” (0:53)

Mary tells Claire, “I couldn’t catch my breath, and I panicked.” (0:56)

Norman: “I’m not going to the hospital unless they have a miracle drug for clumsiness.” (1:18)

Norman tells Claire, referring to his girlfriend Madison, “She threatened to kill herself or you.”
Claire: “You had an affair with a girl who threatened to kill herself...“ (1:20)

By telephone Norman asks Teddy, “What’s the name of that friend of yours at Duke, the ‘who you gonna call?’ guy, the guy that does the paranormal psych stuff.” (1:22)

By telephone Norman tells the paranormal psych guy, “No, there’s no, um, history of delusional behavior.”
”Is it possible... some kind of unconscious or telekinetic behavior?” (1:24)

Norman tells Claire, referring to Madison, “She killed herself here in our house to destroy me.”
”When I got here, she’d taken pills.” (1:34)

Norman uses a cloth soaked with yellow liquid from the lab on Claire. (1:39)

Norman tells Claire, “It’s a passive-aggressive masterpiece.” (1:42)

Norman tells Claire, “Halothane’s starting to wear off. I’m sure in some tragic way your suicide is gonna help bring Caitlin and I closer together.” (1:45)

Claire leaves a rose on Madison’s gravestone in a cemetery. (2:02)