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What's in a Name?

Patrick Bruel, Valérie Benguigui, Charles Berling, Judith El Zein, Guillaume de Tonquedec, Françoise Fabian
Adolf Hitler | lorazepam | Ativan
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Narrator (Vincent): “A great French author who died of apoplexy, in pain, alone, penniless, forsaken... another great French author who died of apoplexy, in pain, alone, penniless, forsaken...” (0:02)

Funeral and gravestone of teacher Elisabeth’s father Henri.” (0:08)

Myrtille, daughter of Elisabeth, asks her literature professor father Pierre, “Isn’t Madame Bovary totally neurasthenic?”
Pierre: “Tom-Tom and Mrs. Dubouchon have an Oedipal thing, right?”
Narrator, referring to Myrille’s younger brother Apollin: “Toilet trained late, he had many sessions with a well-known child psychologist...” (0:09)

Pierre tells Elisabeth’s orchestra trombonist friend Claude, “Drives me nuts to mislay things.” (0:12)

Elisabeth’s real estate agent brother Vincent tells Pierre, “You said it was all addicts and immigrants.” (0:16)

Vincent calls Pierre “Moron!”
”Prenatal stress.”
Vincent asks Pierre, “What did the shrink say?” (0:18)

Elisabeth asks Pierre, “What, are you crazy?” (0:23)

Pierre tells Vincent, “Name your son after Hitler!”
Vincent: “No, not after Hitler! You know very well, Adolf HItler is with an F.”
Vincent tells Claude, “Nice being talked to like a retard.”
Pierre: “Only a retard wouldn’t understand why you can’t name your son Adolf.” (0:25)

Vincent tells Pierre, “Adolf Hitler didn’t become Hitler because his name was Adolf.”
Claude: “Only Adolf Hitler remains.” (0:30)

Elisabeth tells Vincent, “But name your son after Hitler, you better warn the Rosenthals.”
Pierre tells Vincent, “Stop acting like an idiot.” (0:33)

Vincent, referring to Charlie Chaplin: “He wouldn’t even let Hitler have that aspect.”
Pierre: “You’re insane.”
Vincent: “I say to Hitler...”
Pierre: ”I deify Hitler.”
Vincent: “He’ll break Hitler’s monopoly, knock him off your pedestal.”
Claude: “Hitler, I guess.”
Vincent: “Therefore, though Françoise Chocard, out of idiocy could, within Radio France, erase kings... then Adolf Larchet will undo Hitler! ” (0:36)

Claude: “That’s crazy.” (0:45)

Pierre tells Elisabeth, referring to their son Apollin, “Your shrink said to let him yell.”
Elisabeth: “Our shrink also said you should be more present.”
Claude: “What’s the shrink like?” (0:46)

Vincent’s wife Anna: “It’s crazy.” (0:48)

Pierre tells Anna, “You’re a crazy, stupid girl.” (0:51)

Vincent: “Okay, it was idiotic. Very idiotic... I think I spoiled the mood.”
Pierre: “We’re all hysterical.” (0:53)

Vincent tells Pierre, “But you are obsessed with your image...”
Pierre: “I’m image-obsessed, and you don’t care?”
”You are absolutely obsessed by your own person.”
“Your memory is back.”
“Vincent wasn’t crazy about it.” (1:00)

Pierre reads from a dictionary, “Egocentric, egotistical, self-centered, narcissistic, caring only for oneself, recognizing only the reality of one's own existence. You are the definition of selfish Vincent.” (1:05)

Anna calls Pierre, “Mr. Stingy!” (1:06)

Elisabeth tells Claude, “You’re better than these two morons.” (1:09)

Claude: “You think I’m a homosexual?”
”Sure, but I’m not homosexual at all.”
”I’m in no mood tonight.” (1:10)

Anna asks Vincent, “Are you a complete moron?” (1:15)

Vincent tells Anna, “Quit playing social worker.” (1:18)

Pierre asks Elisabeth, “Are you crazy?” (1:19)

Claude: ”I was going crazy.” (1:23)

By telephone, Elisabeth tells Françoise, “The mood was very high.” (1:30)

Elisabeth asks Pierre, “I’m crazy too?”
”That others will say, ‘Poor guy, with his hysterical wife?’”
“I’ll take a handful of Ativan and sleep two days.” (1:32)

Vincent: “We were nevertheless ecstatic...” (1:43)

What kind of relationship triangle exists between Elisabeth, Claude and Françoise?