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When Do We Eat? (2005)

Lesley Ann Warren, Michael Lerner, Shiri Appleby, Jack Klugman, Meredith Scott Lynn, Mili Avital, Ben Feldman, Adam Lamberg, Max Greenfield, Cynda Williams, Mark Ivanir, Dan Bucatinsky, Oscar Nuñez
Adolf Hitler | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | amphetamine | flunitrazepam | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | oxycodone-acetaminophen | Percocet
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High school student Zeke, wearing a “420” sweatshirt, and his drug dealer Shaffer smoke a joint.

Dealer: ”Ecstasy costs twenty.”
”Not ‘Touch God X,’ man. It’s got acid in it.”
Zeke: ”Nah, just the eighth of bud and the bag of whiz.”
Dealer: “Dropping X at Seder.” (0:01)

Zeke’s mother Peggy tells his father Ira, “I have to make calls for the autism society...” (0:03)

A client tells sex surrogate Nikki, “I should do sensate focus.” (0:04)

By telephone Ira tells his daughter Nikki, “Zeke’s driving me nuts.”
Nikki: “Well, Dad, he’s just paranoid.”
“Dad, you’re nervous about Ethan.”
Ira: ”Why should I be nervous about Ethan?” (0:05)

Ira asks Zeke, “Were you hanging out with your druggie friends?”
Zeke: “Now, you want a sample or not? I’ve got stage fright.”
Zeke produces clean urine from a bag.
Ira reads the test as negative. (0:10)

Ira tells his daughter Jen’s partner Grace (laser hair removal technician), “Lionel’s an idiot savant.” (0:13)

Ira asks his son Ethan, “Are you out of your... mind?” (0:14) 

Ira tells his Hasidic son Ethan, referring to Zeke, “I got that yutz off drugs.” (0:20)

Zeke: “Got the yutz off drugs.”
Rather than take the pill himself he dissolves it in Ira’s antacid. (0:22)

Ira tells Ethan, “That’s new age psychobabble.” (0:28)

Nikki tells Ethan, “Therapists make money.” (0:30)

Zeke tells Grace, referring to Ira, “I drugged him.”
”I said I drugged Dad.”
”I slipped a tab of ecstasy into his antacid.”
Ira: “You gave me your goddamn drugs?” (0:32)

Peggy’s celebrity publicist cousin Vanessa tells Ira, “You’ll roll for a few hours...”
Ira: “You a druggie too?”
Vanessa: “I know how to handle a drug overdose.”
Ira: ”I overdosed?”
Vanessa: “Let me explain to you what rolling is.” (0:34)

Peggy: “A nympho daughter, druggie son.” (0:35)

Nikki asks Jen, referring to Ira, “Is he tripping?” (0:39)

Zeke tells Ira, “That’s not the X.” (0:41)

Ira experiences visual hallucinations. (0:42)

Jen, referring to Ira: “He’s trippin’ like a hippie.”
Peggy: “Of course, you’re on drugs.”
Zeke: “Goddamn, Dad, you are tripping.” (0:44)

Jen tells Grace, “Babe, my dad is stoned.”
”Yeah, well we’ll see what happens when the drugs wear off, okay?”
Ira: “It’s nothing to do with drugs.” (0:48)

His father Artur tells Ira, “I don’t need a drug hug.”
Ira tells Zeke, “Maybe now I understand why you enjoy the drugs so much.”
Jennifer tells Ira, referring to Zeke, “You’ve got a drug addict...” (0:51)

Lionel: “I’m not autistic.”
Peggy faints. (1:02)

Lionel tells Zeke, “Only one out of ten is a savant.”
Zeke: “But Dad always says, ‘Lionel’s an idiot savant.’” (1:02)

Lionel: “I just didn’t talk at first... and then the doctors, they called it autism...”
Ira: “And all of you, you’re out of your minds.”
Peggy: “This money is going to the autism society, period.” (1:03)

His brother tells Ira, “When the drugs wear off, Jen will still hate you...” (1:09)

Artur tells Ira, “Hitler murdered our whole family...” (1:17)

Nikki tells Lionel, “It freaks me out that you’re a regular kid.”
Ira, referring to Peggy: “Didn’t matter that she was busy raising you guys, working for the autism society...”
Zeke: “ Dad, it’s like the end of The Wizard of Oz...” (1:18)

Shaffer tells Zeke, “I was sorting pills when my dad got home, and I freaked. I started mixing the perkys with the jolly beans, and the roofies were there, and basically, you got kiddie aspirin... Anyhow, here is the ‘Touch God X.’... Wanna roll with us?” (1:24)