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When a Man Loves a Woman

Andy Garcia, Meg Ryan, Ellen Burstyn, Tina Majorino, Mae Whitman, Lauren Tom, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eugene Roche, Gail Strickland, Steven Brill, Susanna Thompson
Philip Seymour Hoffman | cocaine | ethyl alcohol | lysergic acid diethylamide
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School counselor Alice tells her teacher friend Pam, “Another self-mutilation day.” (0:14)

Alice tells her daughter Jess, referring to her mother-in-law Emily, “Listen, she’s crazy about you...” (0:19)

Alice tells her pilot husband Michael, “I’m gonna stop drinking so much.” (0:25)

Alice tells Michael, “Garbage compulsion.” (0:28)

Alice comes home drunk, drinks heavily, hits Jess, passes out. (0:31)

Alice tells Michael, “I have to be high to do anything.”
Michael: “I’m gonna find you the best treatment...” (0:37)

Sign: “Devlin Clinic”
A staff person tells Michael, referring to Alice, ”She’ll be in detox until Tuesday...” (0:40)

His daughter Casey asks Michael, “What’s a alcoholic?”
“What’s a alcoholic?” (0:44)

A staff woman tells Alice, “I’m Dr. Mendez. I’m a counselor.”
”No, but I’m not in detox dealing with an addiction.” (0:46)

Michael brings the girls to the rehab center to visit Alice. (0:54)

Patient Danny tells Michael, “I been there man, denial. Ain’t just a river in Egypt.” (0:56)

Alice tells Michael, referring to patient Malcolm, “Coke head.” (0:57)

Alice tells Michael he treats her “Like I’m pregnant, or psychotic...” (1:15)

Alice and Michael in session with psychotherapist Janet. Alice tells her, “I’m just agitated and pissed off...”
Michael: “And she was very hung over...”
Janet: ”Michael, have you ever thought about going to an Al-Anon meeting, a meeting for families of alcoholics?” (1:18)

Alice tells Michael, “The people I really lean on are the ones at my meetings...”
”How I became an alcoholic?”
”I’m trying to make my meetings.”
”I don’t want to feel guilty or sad or depressed or frustrated or confused or...” (1:26)

Al-Anon meeting. Joanna: “I’m so grateful for Maria’s topic, emotional abuse. Until I came to Al-Anon, I was not even aware how cruelly I was abused by my alcoholic husband, because I did not own my own feelings.” (1:28)

Michael asks Alice, “What happened, something at AA?”
Alice: “How was your meeting?”
Michael: “It was like an alcoholic has ruined their lives, and they’d rather be a victim than try and fix it.”
Alice: “They’re married to alcoholics who are bouncing off the walls...”
Michael: “You guys drop acid or something?”
”One of your friends fall off the wagon?”
Alice: “One of the women at my meetings is going to a halfway house...”
”I’d get drunk. I’d pass out...”
Michael: “You’re clean.” (1:30)

Michael at Al-Anon meeting: “My wife is an alcoholic...” (1:42)

Alice tells Michael, “At my meetings when you have six months you stand up and tell your story.” (1:45)

Alice at AA meeting: “I’ve been sober for 184 days... My dad’s an alcoholic, so, uh, my mother liked to blame my lapse on his example... and about a year ago I got drunk. I couldn’t stop getting drunk... there were times when I drove my little girls around just ripped out of my mind... My bottom was 184 days ago... I hit her, and when I passed out she was alone with me, and she thought I was dead.”
Alice shows her coin. She says, “Thank you sponsor.”
Michael: “My wife is an alcoholic.” (1:54)