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Where Do We Go Now?

Claude Moussawbaa, Layla Hakim, Nadine Labaki, Yvonne Maalouf, Antoinette Noufaily, Julian Farhat, Ali Haidar, Kevin Abboud, Petra Saghbini, Mostafa Al Sakka
marijuana | hashish
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Village graveyard. Women in black walk to the graveyard. (0:00)

Painter Rabih’s sister tells cafe owner Amale, “Sorry, they drive me nuts.” (0:17)

Saydeh (?) calls another villager “Mrs. Uptight.” (0:23)

A Muslim mother tells her friend: “I’m not crazy.” (0:32)

Villager Abou Ahmad tells his wife, referring to the mayor’s wife Yvonne, “She’s totally nuts.” (0:36)

Yvonne tells the mayor, referring to a Ukranian dancer, “Look at that anorexic one.” (0:44)

Village boys take the dancers to “A cemetery.”
Dancer: “Now I see why she’s crazy.” (0:49)

Amale tells villager Boutros, referring to his mother, “She’s still grieving for your brother. Her tears aren’t even dry... You think we’re just here to mourn you?” (0:52)

A villager tells Rabih, referring to dancer Katyusha, “She’s not disabled.” (0:56)

HIs mother asks Nassim, “Are you drunk?” She grieves when she realizes he is dead. (1:03)

Her son Issam asks Takla, “Are you crazy?” (1:18)

The Ukranian dancers roll joints and smoke them. A villager asks them, “Are you crazy? She’s stoned.”
“They’ve gone crazy.” (1:19)

Yvonne tells the others, referring to drugs, probably sedatives, “With a little hash, it’ll knock out a camel.” Song referring to hashish. (1:21)

The men become intoxicated after eating drug-laced pastries. (1:25)

Youssef’s wife tells him, “You’re driving us nuts.” (1:33)

Pallbearers carry Nassim’s coffin to the graveyard. (1:35)